What to Do About Acne Before Your Wedding Day

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, What to Do About Acne Before Your Wedding Day

When you’re planning your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. Unfortunately, if you’re dealing with acne, it can be a major source of stress and anxiety. While it’s important to take care of your skin, there are times when you should put a pause on your skincare routine to avoid making your acne worse. Here are some tips on when to give your skin a break before your wedding day.

When Your Skin is Dry

If you’re using acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, they can dry out your skin, making it flaky and irritated. This can make your acne worse, and it can also make it difficult to apply makeup smoothly. If your skin is already feeling dry and irritated, it’s best to take a break from your acne products and switch to a gentle cleanser and moisturizer until your skin has a chance to heal.

Finding the right moisturizer for your skin type is key. Look for products that are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores, and contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin to help draw moisture into the skin. For an extra boost of hydration, use a face oil or serum before you apply your moisturizer.

Before Getting Professional Treatments

If you’re planning to get professional treatments like facials or chemical peels, it’s important to pause your skincare routine a few days beforehand. During a facial treatment, your skin will be exfoliated for you. If you’re using any prescription acne medications like Retin-A or Accutane, it’s important to let your esthetician know so they can adjust your treatment accordingly. It’s also important to avoid using any products that contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, or alpha-hydroxy acids for at least a week before your treatment. 

These ingredients can increase your skin’s sensitivity and lead to redness and dryness. Before getting professional treatments, it’s a good idea to discuss your skincare goals with your esthetician. They can help you come up with a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle and make sure you’re using the right products for your skin type and concerns.

When You’re Sunburned

If you’re dealing with a sunburn, your skin is already inflamed and irritated. Adding acne products to the mix can make things worse and prolong the healing process. It’s important to let your skin heal naturally for a few days before you resume your acne routine. In the meantime, use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and protected from further sun damage. You can also apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera gel to help reduce inflammation and soothe your skin. Make sure you’re protecting your skin from the sun at all times with an SPF of 30 or more, even when you don’t think you need it.

While it’s important to take care of your skin leading up to your wedding day, it’s equally important to know when to give your skin a break. By giving your skin the rest it needs, you’ll be more likely to achieve a clear and glowing complexion on your wedding day.

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