Florida As a Honeymoon Destination: Pros and Cons

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Florida As a Honeymoon Destination: Pros and Cons

Going on a honeymoon is an exciting time for newlyweds. There’s nothing better than growing old and sharing many wonderful and happy memories together against a stunning backdrop. There are so many lovely places to go for a honeymoon. Choosing the ideal honeymoon depends on personal preference. One well-loved honeymoon destination is Florida.


It isn’t surprising why Florida is such a popular destination for honeymooners. The beaches tend to be visited often due to the warm waters, relaxing ambiance, endless sun, and soft sands. It is an easy location to travel to as well. Couples do not have to worry about getting a passport or traveling on a plane for many hours. There are many resorts and hotels that cater to newlyweds. Popular resorts include Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key and Henderson Park Inn in Destin. Honeymooners that love all things Disney will love Disney World. Explore Disney World in comfort and style with one of the many honeymoon packages offered. Experience the thrill of spectacular rides, such as the Avatar Flight Passage and Expedition Everest. Foodies will be pleased with all the dining options this beloved amusement park has. Stop by Victoria’s and Albert’s for an unforgettable meal. Other fun attractions to visit in the Sunshine State are Universal Studios, SeaWorld Orlando, and the Everglades National Park.

Florida As a Honeymoon Destination, Florida As a Honeymoon Destination: Pros and Cons


Because Florida has such spectacular weather almost year-round, there tend to be more people outside enjoying the sunshine. The abundance of people walking or hanging around outside can lead to higher chances of pedestrian accidents happening. Florida is pretty dangerous for pedestrians, so you’ll need to be careful with how you travel. Some common problems that cause pedestrian accidents are when the driver is driving distracted, speeding, or intoxicated. One way to practice awareness is to familiarize yourself with the Florida roadways before visiting. Florida often has road work being done and it is important to stay up to date in these types of changes so that you can plan accordingly. Pedestrian accidents can also be reduced by wearing light-colored colors and bring a flashlight while walking around at night. Do not weave in and out of traffic and avoid getting too close to vehicles. Do not jaywalk to save some time, cross the roads properly and wait at the intersection. Never walk blindly across a crosswalk even if it is assumed that it is your right of the way, always look to see if the cars will stop before crossing. In addition, it can get pretty crowded at Disney World and other well-loved amusement sites. To avoid these crowds, plan your trip around the early months of the year, like January and February or go around the months where kids are no longer on a vacation break from school.

Having the time of your life during your honeymoon is important, but doing it safely is even more critical. Address the common problems Florida has with pedestrian accidents and everything will go smoothly.

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Florida As a Honeymoon Destination: Pros and Cons

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