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Salt Lake County

Beyond that minimal travel rates apply.

Owner: Robmary Juarez-Wheeler

Packages starting at $950. A la carte starting at $200.

RobYese (Rob-yes-eh) stems from both my first name (Robmary) which I typically use for business and school, and my middle name (Yesenia) which is what my family and very close friends call me. That’s the philosophy to my business. I care deeply about the technical aspects of photography, about organization, and making sure it’s a smooth business transaction. However, the heart of it all really is in the familiarity, in making sure I capture the moment he holds your hand, the look from your mother as you place your veil, or your cousin busting a move on the dance floor. It’s all about feeling comforted, loved, and laughing as much as possible. 

A lot (not all) of the pictures on the site are mine. I like to think that my style and aesthetic carries throughout my work. So you can count on consistency. 


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