How To Stay Organized For Your Upcoming Nuptials

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Planning a wedding is no easy feat, even if it’s just a small soirée. After all, you’re also dealing with work, your social life, and, potentially, children and stepchildren as well. Never fear, because it is possible to stay organized and get to your big day with your sanity and relationship intact. Today All Things Wedding Utah shares tips.

, How To Stay Organized For Your Upcoming Nuptials

Use a template for save the date and invitations.

Unless you are a graphic designer by trade, then there’s no reason to stress yourself out trying to design the “perfect” wedding invitation. Instead, use a free online designer. This tool helps with card design and allows you to choose a template that you can easily personalize with your own photos, date information, and even registry. 

Use social media to communicate with guests.

Facebook allows you to create private groups for any occasion, including your wedding. If you need to communicate with your guests, groomsmen, or bridesmaids, create a group so that you can all partake in the same conversation at the same time.

Create a spreadsheet.

Even if you’re not spreadsheet-savvy, now is the perfect time to learn a few basics. (you can take a free course in spreadsheet development on Alison.) Your spreadsheet can help you keep up with your vendors, expenses, what’s paid, what’s not, and everything else associated with planning the big day.

Book a stress-free venue.

If you just don’t have it in you to plan every detail yourself, consider using a venue that does the work for you. The Wedding Pioneer blog notes that there are many resorts that offer wedding packages (some even offer it as a free perk just for booking a long weekend).

Hire a wedding planner.

If you’re dead set on having a fully customized wedding at home or at a destination, but aren’t planning on going to a resort, hire a wedding planner. Your wedding planner will do everything for you; all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

Use reputable vendors.

Whether you’re looking for catering, videography, officiant, or flowers, use trusted vendors that have a history of providing excellent service to stressed-out brides. When you use a vendor that’s already made their mark and built their reputation, you may not feel as pushed to research every single option that pops up in your search.

Get help in other areas.

Planning a big wedding is a full-time job. Even if you have to continue to work and pay the bills, there’s no shame in getting help in other areas. Consider hiring some of the help around the house (The Bob Vila site estimates this may run you $170 for a one-time cleaning), a child care provider, or even paying someone to grocery shop on the days when your attention is focused on planning your perfect day.

Commit to your decisions.

Early in the wedding planning process, you might want very few flowers and then change your mind to want an entire bouquet on every pew. Changing your mind is fine… Until you’ve already paid a vendor and made other decisions based on wine. To overcome indecision, Healthline suggests forgetting the fear and remembering that the small details probably won’t matter a decade from now.

Finally, and even more important than designing your invitations and choosing your dress: don’t be shy about doing what you really want if that means enjoying the day. Remember, you don’t have to impress the Joneses, and the less money you spend on tying the knot, the easier it may be to keep your love tied neatly in a bow for the long-term.

By: Theresa McArthur

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