Wedding Beauty Prep Checklist

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By: Brittany Walker

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but your beauty regimen doesn’t have to be. Below, I have listed a general nine months to a year prep to get that bridal beauty just right. Follow these steps, eat like you love yourself, get your beauty rest, and you will LOVE the way you look on one of the most special days of your life.

, Wedding Beauty Prep Checklist


∞ First and foremost, you must determine your budget and decide how much of that you can apply towards your beauty services.

∞ Start a beauty binder (or virtual file such as a Pinterest board or a photo album on your phone) of styles that inspire what you have dreamt to look like on your big day.

∞ Research salons that offer wedding hair, make-up, and pricing for said service as this may narrow your options.

∞ Decide if you would prefer your stylist to come to you, or if you are ok with going to the salon on the day of your wedding. This may eliminate a few options.

∞ If you are wanting to try a new cut or color NOW is the time to give it a try. You still have enough time to make some changes if the new do doesn’t thrill you.

∞ If you have any dental concerns, consult with your dentist ASAP and get that party started.


∞ Schedule a style run through (or two if you feel necessary) with your stylist to make sure you are both on the same page about your wedding day look.

∞ If you are doing your own hair or make-up, start playing! Test out some looks.


∞ Schedule all your beauty appointments for the big day! You do not want to risk your amazing stylist booking up!

∞ Visit your dermatologist if you have any skin issue you would like looked at before you take that trip down the isle.

∞ Test out any body treatments you plan to have in the weeks leading up to the wedding, we do not have time for adverse reactions that close, so we must prepare ahead of time.

∞ Consult with a brow specialist if you have any concerns.


∞ Get your hair trimmed

∞ Whiten your teeth, whether it be professionally or at home.


∞ Get your new growth touched up if you color your hair.

∞ Make sure your glam squad knows exactly how to get to the wedding venue, have no doubt about when they are supposed to arrive, and have all your contact information.

∞ Schedule your manicure and pedicure for the day before the wedding.

∞ Save yourself time and stress, PREPAY your glam squad!


∞ Confirm all those beauty appointments

∞ Get all waxing service completed this week, that way any irritation will have gone down by the wedding day.

∞ Start packing your beauty bag for the day of.

∞ Get any final facials, or body treatments to ensure that gorgeous glow.


∞ Apply self-tanner if you are planning to use it, or go in for a professional application.

∞ Go in for your pedicure and manicure. * It is advised to take your colors with you so that you can repair any chips or imperfections that could occur.

∞ Wash your hair for the last time! One day, dirty hair holds a style much better. Your stylist will love you for it. *Make sure you use a deep conditioner


∞ Get your hair styled about 3 hours before the ceremony starts.

∞ Start applying (or having it applied) as the hair is setting or just after the style has been complete. * At very LEAST, have it finished one hour before the ceremony.

∞ Moisturize those hands! You will have lots of eyes on that gorgeous new ring.

∞ Keep touch up essentials with you until the very last moment.

∞ Spritz your perfume on just before you head to the venue.




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