To Be An A+ Wedding Guest

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If you’re planning to attend a wedding, you’ll want to make sure you show up on your best behavior. After all, the bride and groom have likely spend a tremendous amount of time, energy and money into the celebration – the last thing you want to do is deter from that. Fortunately, being a great wedding guest isn’t too tough. Want to know how to be the best wedding guest ever? Keep these tips in mind as you gear up to attend your next wedding:

RSVP as soon as you can.

Don’t be the invitee who waits until the last moment to let the bride and groom know they plan to attend. Instead, start acting like an A+ guest before you’ve even arrived at the wedding by submitting your RSVP as quickly as possible. You should, of course, wait until you can commit before you let them know – but don’t delay your decision too long, or you’ll add unnecessary stress to the bride-to-be’s plate.

Show up on time.

Make a plan to arrive at the wedding well before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. Unless an emergency catches you off guard, there’s no acceptable reason to be late. And if you are? Find a place in the back of the room to respectfully watch without causing a disruption and keep the focus on the vows, not your tardiness.

Follow directions.

This one shouldn’t be too tough, but a surprising number of wedding guests struggle to interpret directions as instructions – not guidelines. If the invitation includes a dress code, follow it. No kids allowed? Find a sitter if you’d like to attend. No photos during the ceremony? Keep your cell phone on silent mode in your purse or leave it in the car.

Make new friends.

Introducing ourselves to strangers isn’t always a ton of fun, but weddings present a perfect opportunity to meet new people. You’re all connected in some way through your relationship to the bride or groom, so you’ve got an easy conversation starter. Spend a few minutes catching up with the newlyweds, but don’t monopolize their time. Instead, circulate the room and find new folks to introduce yourself to.

Don’t overindulge.

Enjoying a cocktail or two is often part of the fun during wedding dinners and receptions, but when there’s an open bar, there’s the potential for trouble. Keep an eye on your level of intoxication and don’t let things get out of control. Eat plenty of food so you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, and switch to water once you start to feel a buzz, and you’ll escape the evening unscathed and unembarrassed.

As you can see, acting like an A+ wedding guest isn’t impossible. With a little consideration and planning and the right mindset around the day, you’re sure to have a great time – without having too much fun. What are your best tips to stay on your A game when attending weddings? Alternately, do you have any faux pas to avoid at all costs? Leave a comment and let me know!

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