What to Know Before Getting Married on an Island

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When you get married, you will want it to be the most magical experience of your life so far. And while there are many different aspects that go into planning the perfect wedding, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is your venue and location. For some couples, having tons of family and friends present is a must. For other couples, getting married somewhere truly incredible, like an island, is more important to them. If you are getting married in the tropics, here are three things that you should know before getting married on an island.

Get Paperwork Together

The first thing that you have to know before getting married on an island is that you have to get your paperwork together well ahead of time. If you are getting married on an island that is a part of a different country, make sure that you and all of your important guests (like family and bridal party) have active passports so they can travel. You will also need to get your wedding license before you leave so it can be signed by your officiant at the wedding ceremony. Do not leave your paperwork to the last minute when getting married on an island.

Scout Out a Venue

It’s a good idea to visit the destination ahead of time before holding your wedding there. For some couples, the idea of an island is better than the actual destination. But more than that, pictures of venues don’t always showcase realty. In order to guarantee that you are happy on your wedding day, it is safest and smartest to travel to the venue before the wedding to see if it’s right.

Prepare For a Small Turnout

The final thing you need to know is that you should expect a small turnout at your wedding. Unless you, your family, and friends live near the island you are getting married on, then it’s a big ask to get everyone out there. Plane tickets are expensive, as well as hotels, and of course, getting enough vacation time from work to travel. While there is nothing wrong with an island wedding, just make sure you are okay sacrificing a crowd to have it.

Your wedding should be exactly how you want it. If you want to get married on an island, follow your dreams. Just make sure you know these three things beforehand.

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