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Why you need a day of coordinator

Planning a wedding is a huge process. From the big decisions like your venue, menu and guest list to the little ones, like seating charts and centerpiece configurations, you’ll be forced to make dozens of decisions about what you want – and what you don’t want – at your wedding.

When it’s time to choose whether or not you’d like to include a day-of coordinator in your wedding plans, you should absolutely say yes. A day-of coordinator can be a bride’s secret weapon, helping you finalize the details of your event while ensuring everything plays out perfectly on your wedding day. While some brides are hesitant to commit, fearing a day-of wedding coordinator isn’t worth the cost, many brides consider their day-of coordinators one of the best investments they make throughout the wedding planning process.

If you haven’t been convinced you need a day-of coordinator to help out with your wedding, here are a few reasons you may want to reconsider:

You want to enjoy your wedding day. The biggest reason brides look to hire day-of coordinators is so they don’t have to worry about, well, coordinating the details on the day they’re supposed to get married. You want your focus to be on walking down the aisle and reciting your vows – not making sure the vendors have all shown up on time, stressing over the timing and putting out fires as they arise. A good day-of coordinator will be able to take all of that unnecessary pressure off of you, the bride, leaving you free to make memories, mingle with guests, and marry the man of your dreams.

You aren’t the most punctual person in the world. If you find yourself running late to every appointment, you might want to consider a day-of coordinator to keep you on schedule during your wedding. Between the ceremony, the reception, the speeches and the dances, there are lots of things that need to follow a fairly strict timeline for your wedding to play out properly. While they can’t make you magically appear wherever you need to be, a good day-of coordinator can keep you on track and make sure your wedding stays on schedule.

You want someone with experience on your team. You’ve probably attended a few weddings, and you may have even been in some of them, but you’re likely no expert on getting married. Neither is anyone in your bridal party. But a good day-of coordinator has done this before – likely a hundred times over. She knows just what to expect and what problems to anticipate, and she can help to ensure your wedding and reception go off seamlessly. Involve her in the planning process, and she’ll likely ask some thoughtful questions and come up with a few recommendations you hadn’t considered.

As you get ready to share your big day with friends and family, consider adding one more person to that list – a day-of coordinator. From keeping you on schedule to helping to put out fires and give advice, the value they’ll add will far outweigh the price you’ll pay to have them on your team.

Why you Absolutely Need a Day Of Coordinator