Questions you Should ask your Wedding Venue

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Bearing in mind that your wedding will perhaps be the most imperative day of your life, it only stands to reason that you should do anything you can in order to make sure that each and every detail is taken care of.

ask your Wedding Venue, Questions you Should ask your Wedding Venue

Clearly, one of the first decisions a couple needs to make once they have decided to tie the knot is to select a suitable wedding venue. Obviously, it goes without saying that this isn’t something which you should rush into, but alternatively, you should take your time and do a few bit of research regarding various venues and locations. In fact, if at all possible, you should even attempt to go and view them in person before you entrust yourself.

You might also want to find out how many workers the reception site would plan to have on hand for a wedding ceremony of your size. A good server to guest ratio is essential because it will have a great impact on your guests’ satisfaction of the reception. Adequate staff makes sure that there will be enough of waiters circulating with trays of passed appetizers, that the meals will be served so quickly, and that drinks will be kept full. Too little servers on staff will mean the same opposite experience for your guests, which is something that no couple wants.

Some venues will also impose limitations or restrictions on decorations, in that they may not allow burning candles for instance. Ideally, you should make inquiries as to whether or not your chosen venue has an in-house team competent in decorating the tables. If you have intentions hiring your own decorators, then you need to determine whether or not there is anything the venue does not allow. In fact, you’d be far better off selecting a venue that is already beautiful enough even before it gets decorated, just because you’ll end up having to spend less money on decorating.

Your own convenience and comfort on the wedding day are also vital, of course. One thing that can make life a lot easier for the bride is a good place to change her clothes. If you are one of those brides who is enjoying the style of changing into a second dress and extra party-worthy set of crystal bridal jewelry after the ceremony, you will need a better place to do it than a stall in an open restroom. More traditional brides will be delighted to have a pleasant place to change into a going away outfit at the end of the evening. Ideally, this changing place will also be a safe location where you can store the bridal outfit and crystal jewelry before or after changing. If you are having the wedding reception at a country club, for example, some have very nice locker rooms that can work for this purpose.

One final and significant question to ask your wedding venue is how many activities or events they will be hosting at the same time as your wedding. Excess traffic, both in the parking lot and foot traffic, can detract from the pleasantness of your reception. Additionally, if the site has one coordinator supervising multiple events at the same time, you may not be able to get his/her attention quickly, should you have a concern during the party. Alternatively, large hotels will naturally host multiple functions at the same time very efficiently, so it is not necessarily a deal breaker.

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