Buying or Renting your Tuxedo for your Wedding

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Weddings are a big deal, you just have to look great on your day. Whether big or small, all eyes will definitely be on you and your bride. Though the bride may take most of the shine on that day, you should not fall short either. As a groom, you have to carefully decide if you should buy or rent your wedding tux. This may be a hard decision to make. The following tips should help you decide whether to rent or buy a tuxedo for your big day;


Renting a tux is generally cheaper than getting a new one. Renting cost between $50-$250 while buying a new tux cost about $500. Planning a wedding takes a huge chunk of your money, so if your budget is low or moderate you may need to rent a tux for your day. You should know that rental tuxes though more affordable, often come in quality brands. They are made with strong fabrics that can withstand frequent wash and use. So you can get a quality rented tux or buy your own, depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Future use:

If you work in corporate places or move in corporate circles, you probably wear suits and tuxes more often. Having this in mind, you should consider buying a tux, as you may wear it lots of time after your wedding. On the other hand if you rarely wear tuxedos to any event, renting a tux may be a better choice. Whatever you decide, the choice is yours.

Personal perspective:

Everyone has a right to their views on any issue. You may have some beliefs on renting or buying a tux for your wedding. Like wedding gowns, you may love to keep the suit as a symbol and probably pass it to your child or close relation, for their wedding. If you feel this way, buying a tuxedo is a better idea. However if your wedding tuxedo is not very symbolic to you (not that you don’t cherish your big day), you may decide to rent a tux. On the other hand, some people are not very open to sharing clothing in any way. If you cannot wear a cloth worn by another person at any time, no matter how neat it is, get your own tux. You need to be very comfortable with whatever you choose to wear on your big day.


Getting a new tux is great as it can be tailored to fit you perfectly. Before now, rented tuxes were not very fitting to all body types as they were made for general use. However, in recent times rented tuxes are made to suit at least 3 body shapes and sizes. Even if any of the specified sizes is not to your taste, it can be resized to fit you before your wedding. This way you can get either a new tux that fits perfectly or rent one that is just as perfect.

2 Replies to “Buying or Renting your Tuxedo for your Wedding”

  1. bianca says:

    It’s great that you mentioned fit as something to take into consideration. It may be better to spend the extra money on a suit that fits you well and will look better for pictures.

  2. 2morrow Dress says:

    Or skip the Tuxedo completely! I love the linen shirt and pants for a beach wedding or buy a nice suit for less formal ceremonies.


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