10 Behind the Scenes Secrets of Planning a Royal Wedding

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In May 2018, Prince Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor will wed the American actress, Rachel Meghan Markle.

Planning a Royal Wedding, 10 Behind the Scenes Secrets of Planning a Royal Wedding

The prince had to have the Queen’s permission, in writing, before asking for Meghan’s hand. The Royal Marriages Act 1772 dictates that the monarch has the right to veto the marriage of a member of his or her family and is required to give formal consent to any family marriages in order to guard against those that could “diminish the status of the royal house.”

Thankfully she did because people from all over the world are absolutely enthralled with royal weddings, especially when it involves the late Princess Diana’s sons.

Let’s take a look at what will happen behind the scenes of this highly anticipated event.

1. A stag weekend will be planned. Prince Harry’s groomsmen and friends will gather together to say goodbye to his single life. When his older brother William married Princess Kate, Harry hosted the stag weekend so it’s likely William will do the same.

Don’t feel bad for Meghan, though. Her friends will plan what’s known as a hen night. It actually lasts all weekend as well.

2. Meghan will be schooled in the intricacies of royal life. She’ll receive security training, and she’ll be given the details of what she should do at state banquets.

The future royal bride will be taught how she should conduct herself in the public eye. She’ll learn everything from how to take off her coat, to how to sit correctly. (Her knees to the side, ankles crossed, and her hands in her lap.)

3. While all appearances would lead us to believe she is great friends with her future brother-in-law and sister-in-law, (and there is no reason to think otherwise), Meghan will have to curtsy to Kate.

In the months leading up to the ceremony, Meghan is learning to whom she should curtsy, when she should do so, and how to curtsy properly.

For example, remember Princesses Beatrice, Eugenie and Alexandra? They are the children of Prince Andrew and Fergie, aka Sarah, Duchess of York. As they are blood princesses, Meghan will always curtsy to them.

4. Meghan’s bridesmaids will be carefully chosen. It is the tradition that her bridal party should be made up of young girls, often relatives or goddaughters of her future husband. They can be as young as three, or as in Diana’s bridal party, as old as seventeen. In the states, brides can ask anyone to be a bridesmaid, but not so in the case of a royal wedding.

5. The guest list will be meticulously curated. It will be by the Queen’s command that royals, foreign leaders, church officials, diplomats, celebrities and Meghan’s family & friends will be invited.

6. A sprig of myrtle will be clipped from the shrub planted in 1840 by Queen Victoria after she wed Prince Albert. Every British Royal bride since that time has carried a bit of that myrtle in their bouquet.

7. The Queen will choose the title bestowed upon Harry. Prince William was appointed as a Duke upon his marriage to Kate.

It’s possible Harry could remain Prince Henry of Wales, in which case Meghan will be known as Meghan, HRH Princess Henry of Wales. As she was not born into the royal family, she cannot be called Princess Meghan.

If Harry is appointed a Duke, which is very likely, Meghan will be a Duchess.

8. A wedding band for Meghan will be created using Welsh gold from a nugget belonging to the Queen. Since 1923, all royal women’s wedding bands have contained the same gold mined in Dolgellau, North Wales.

9. The mounted soldiers known as The Household Cavalry Mounted regiment will escort Harry & Meghan after the wedding. Each of the men will spend an unbelievable 50 hours or more just polishing their boots with layers of beeswax and a blowtorch to harden each layer.

10. A tiara will be chosen. As Meghan is not a royal, just like Kate did, she will choose from the Queen’s collection. In her wedding to Prince Charles, the Princess of Wales wore a family tiara that dates back to 1919.

So are you excited? Will you be watching? Comment and tell me what you think!

13 Replies to “10 Behind the Scenes Secrets of Planning a Royal Wedding”

  1. daniella says:

    I am soooo excited and will be watching and waiting!!!! Not so patiently.

  2. julie says:

    Very interesting! Have fun with it! I won’t watch, but II find it interesting when I hear about it.

  3. Guy says:

    I can’t wait for this wedding. They seem so happy together!!!

  4. cindy says:

    I have heard from watching TV all the things that need to be done for a Royal Wedding. I can’t believe all the additions that you mentioned.

    1. allthingsweddingutah@gmail.com says:

      TV is all over it, but they love to show all the fancy things or anything that will catch someone’s attention. We love finding the least known facts that people may still find interesting.

  5. simply made recipes says:

    I probably won’t watch but look forward to seeing the photos! Cool fact about the bit of that myrtle in the bride’s bouquet.


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