How To Plan a Creative Themed Wedding

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How to Plan a Creative Themed Wedding

How to Plan a Creative Themed Wedding

First, lets discuss what I mean by creative wedding themes.  Most, if not all, weddings have some kind of theme- a general style or feel  (bohemian, modern, rustic…) that influences the colors, dress, venue, décor etc.  It turns out, almost every wedding with that style has a lot of similar elements and they all kind of look the same.   

So what if you happen to be extra quirky or creative or an outside-of-the-box kind of couple and a general style doesn’t quite fit?  Your wedding is about you and should reflect your interests and creativity.  Let’s talk about how to do that.     

Decide on your theme.  

This is important to do early on- all the decision-making becomes easier when you have a vision and a plan. 

Some things to consider when choosing a theme- 

How do you want to feel on your wedding day?

How do you want  your guests to feel? 

What do you love doing together? 

Do you have any shared hobbies or interests? 

Are you formal or laid back?

Consider each person’s heritage and decide if there are any cultural traditions you’d like to incorporate. 


Choose your venue. 

Your venue will have a big impact on your theme- and your budget.  Choose wisely.  If your dream venue isn’t available for one reason or another,  get creative!  Consider tweaking your theme to match what is available. 

Don’t forget about less traditional venues- greenhouses, parks, gardens, museums, libraries,  art galleries and restaurants usually have great ambiance and can make for great alternative and sometimes more cost effective wedding venues.   


Choose your colors.  

No need to follow the trends here! 

First things first- what are your favorite colors?  Don’t know your favorite colors?  Try looking at your wardrobe or your home décor.  Chances are you gravitate towards a few favorites. Do your favorite colors go well together?  Can they fit within your theme?  If not, try colors in the same family as your favorites- maybe you like bright primary colors, or deep, rich color tones, or maybe monochrome or black and white is more your style. 

You can also consider the season, your venue, or just browse color combinations and see if anything catches your eye. 


Other things to consider: 

It’s ok to be creative, think outside the box, and throw tradition out the window! 

It is possible to go overboard with a theme- typically this leaves you stressed out and can end up feeling contrived or kitschy (which could be a good thing depending on what you’re going for!)  Remember that Less is often More and a few well-thought-out details will go further than a bunch of random ones.  

Find great vendors that can help bring your creative vision to life and take care of all the details so you can enjoy the planning process and ultimately your wedding day.  That’s their job! 

Above all, to thy own selves, be true.  The best weddings reflect the couple’s character and personalities- don’t let the theme overshadow the real reason everyone is there- your love and commitment to each other.

This themed wedding shoot was inspired by Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo and would be the perfect wedding for a couple with an interest in 20th century art and/or ties to Mexico.   


Frida’s art was well known for being imaginative and colorful and often featured the nature and culture of her native Mexico.   It was these aspects of her art as well as Frida’s passion in life that inspired the vision and design of this shoot.   

We had the most incredible vendors working together to bring this vision to life.  Every aspect, every detail was carefully crafted- from native Mexican plant life to the brightly designed invitation suite.  

Location: The Bright Building 33 WEST 400 SOUTH PROVO, UT 84601

-Kendra Lee     
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How to Plan a Creative Themed Wedding
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Emily Bourne

Emily Bourne is a Utah photographer with over 20 years photography experience and 7 years shooting professionally. Specializing in themed weddings and creative portraiture, Emily is inspired by all things vintage and unusual.

Emily’s work has been published on several industry blogs and exhibited in the Urban Arts Gallery and Provo’s Art Stroll. She currently works from her studio in Springville, Utah.

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