How to Kill It on 3 Wedding Day Essentials

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, How to Kill It on 3 Wedding Day Essentials

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that nobody wants to be a success more than you. Of course you want your wedding to be perfect – every bride does – but that stress you are putting on yourself may not be helping. Remember, it is perfectly natural to worry about your wedding. But with the right plan in place and all of your wedding essentials squared away, you will see that having a brilliant wedding is easier than you thought. Here are some tips to help you kill it on three wedding day essentials to have the perfect day.

Arranging Transportation

The first wedding day essential that you need to kill for a successful wedding is arranging transportation. Having a wedding is going to require travel, whether it is a destination wedding or local. Even just driving people to the venue can get confusing. It is good to work with a service for your wedding transportation needs, and they can handle your needs in style, with elegance, charm, and an understanding of the importance of your wedding celebration. Make sure you have carefully thought out how you, the bridal party, and your guests will be getting to the venue.

Selecting a Venue

Another crucial wedding day essential that you have to kill for you a great wedding day is selecting a venue. Your venue is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day that is going to impact nearly everything about your special day. Choosing your wedding venue is a critical decision, and one that shouldn’t be made without careful thought and consideration. Know if you want to do your wedding indoors or outdoors, what the weather will be like that time of year in your wedding destination, the size of your wedding, and your budget before selecting a venue.


The final crucial wedding day essential that you must knock out of the park is your catering. While there are many other important things going on on your wedding day, your guests are getting one thing out of it and that is a meal and some drinks. Make sure that you are getting a high-quality caterer whose food you have tried and tastes good. The last thing you want to do is make your guests upset with bad food.

Your wedding day can be a slam dunk if you are prepared properly. You need to have the essentials squared away for the ideal wedding day. Start with these three essentials and your wedding planning is off to a great start.

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