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The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers
Have you sent a million emails & messages for inquiries about your wedding flowers? Are you still scratching your head trying to figure out the cost of flowers?
Here is a little insight as to how we floral designers have to make money. Let’s start with silk flowers.

Silk Flowers: 

True or False? Silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers. FALSE! 
Wanna know a secret? See this bouquet?
The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers, The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers
$75 from Hobby Lobby (coupon used!) without labor or other material costs 
added on! (What about those long flowing ribbon looks that are oh sooo popular?!)
If you wanted higher quality silks, you’d have to shop online. Adding shipping costs. Bumping up the price even more. (Not to mention that higher
quality silks will cost more than your Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby varieties.)
Some have the opinion that ‘ugh, silk flowers are so tacky.’ 
Well, that’s probably because all the examples that person has seen of silk flowers are cheap & tacky! There are quality, life-like options available to brides – but they are not inexpensive.

So, why would a bride choose silk flowers? 

1-sentimentality. This bouquet will last years & years after a fresh bouquet will crumble.
2- MANY brides are looking for a way to re-use & double up. (EX : using their silk bridal photo bouquet as the sign in table decor which is later given away as the toss bouquet – I had a bride do that this last year!)
Moving right along…..

Fresh Flowers:

Lets say you send an inquiry to a floral designer for a flower crown for your bridal photo session coming up next week.    You get the quote back and gasp : “WHAT?! HOW can it cost that much?”
I’ll explain! Lets break down a popular look.
But first, some background knowledge : Fresh flowers are harvested from a grower (sometimes international growers!) & sent to a wholesaler in bunches. We, as designers, buy those bunches from the wholesaler.
This particular look has 6 different varieties of flowers & greens in it. Bringing the WHOLESALE cost close to $70.25. That’s just wholesale! 
The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers, The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers
No where in that  wholesale cost is there anything about our ideas and design work, the time it takes to put together estimates, our time spent in actually prepping & processing flowers and then the time to MAKE flower crowns or bouquets. This also doesn’t include our travel time or our extra materials we need to complete the look! (It takes a LOT of wire & floral tape to keep those blossoms snug & secure & looking great all day!)
So, even if you need a flower crown – we still have to buy 6 bunches of flowers at the wholesale cost – JUST to get the look you want.
Another thing to think about – TIMING! Flowers grow in different climates & in different seasons. And yes, you may be able to get a certain kind of flower from a grower that’s closer to you. But will it look as fabulous? If it’s meant to grow in a tropical climate, wouldn’t it flourish more in its own habitat? 

Which means, (going back to our hypothetical situation), if you want a certain flower, it may take some time to SHIP from the grower to the warehouse! 

Just a side note – If your heart is set on having a certain kind of flower, 
1 – do some digging on the season of that kind of flower.
and THEN ……  2- check to see if it exists as a silk! Many times we can use a combination of silk and fresh to create a look you want!

This bouquet has BOTH fresh & silk flowers incorporated. There are so many options!
The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers, The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers
So, as you are going about your blissful wedding planning – think of these tips as you make decisions on the design & feel of your event.
If you have questions, ask professionals – not your cousin’s best friend’s sister’s aunt. Do your homework! (It never hurts to ask questions EVEN if you are a DIY bride!) Have a little knowledge under your sparkled bridal sash!
The Truth Behind the Price of Wedding Flowers
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