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Every now and then, date nights can get a little routine doing the same things we usually do. This happens with us newlyweds too, believe it or not! So new ideas for date nights are good to have on those nights we feel like being spontaneous, or just wanting to do something different. Well, this is an idea that you can do any day of the week, in any season. This one idea gives you 365 ideas, and can be used for years to come. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, haha.


You know how there are those weird, random, and sometimes bizarre National (Fill in the blank) days? Well these random, fun, odd, and silly things that are celebrated on a daily basis inspired some date night ideas! I found a web page called “Bizarre, Wacky, and Unique Holidays” that lists what is being celebrated on each day of the year. Why not celebrate some of these things as a date night?!

  • March 11th: Johnny Appleseed Day. Make a delicious apple dessert together.

  • March 26th: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Make up your own idea. 🙂

  • March 28th: Something on a Stick Day. You could have a fondue dinner and dessert, sticking various foods in cheese or chocolate.

  • April 2nd: Children’s Book Day. Go to the bookstore to find and share with each other your favorite books when you were kids.

  • April 13th: Scrabble Day. Have an all-nighter game night playing Scrabble, or even Words with Friends, or Bananagrams. (They’re all the same, right?)

  • April 14th: Look Up At The Sky Day. Plan a picnic in the park, and make sure to lay down and look up at the sky 😉

  • April 28th: Great Poetry Reading Day. Write romantic or silly poetry to each other.

  • May 4th: Star Wars Day. Have a Star Wars Movie Marathon!


You can also take these silly holidays one step further, and use them to do something thoughtful or surprising for your spouse. Turn Great Poetry Reading Day into a cute and romantic thought by writing a poem for your spouse. Or turn Star Wars day into a silly and fun thing by having a lightsaber fight. The possibilities are endless! So from our silly and weird ideas to yours, happy dating!


Amy Miller

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