How did you choose your colors?

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Choosing the right colors for your wedding day can be overwhelming. So, we asked the All Things Wedding Utah community how they chose their colors. Here’s what they said:

, How did you choose your colors?

Meggan: I picked my colors because my fiancé doesn’t really care to much about most details of the wedding and I wanted her to feel like it was about her also and navy blue is her favorite color and coral is mine

Bri: My hubby picked our colors. Dark purple, silver and black. Loved them and love him!

Christina: We used our favorite colors!

Casey: I picked my colors because the flowers I picked looked real and natural then chose colors that would complement those (black and shades of grey). I wanted a natural casual laid back kinda feel and these just made me feel that way lol…. oh and the fiance and I are both fond of burgundy/wine/deep red.

Sydni: We used Turquoise, Gold, and Silver. Turquoise was my birth stone. Gold and silver weren’t too girly, plus I had a beach type reception so the colors were perfect:)

Sheena: We started out having, basically, every single color imaginable! I love color so I didn’t want to disclude any. However, as our “theme” and ideas became focused, so did our color scheme. We ended on colors that weren’t even in my initial color choices!

Kayla: I wanted a spring/ summer garden wedding so we went with bright shades of coral, pink, yellow and orange.

Kenzie: I picked mine because I seriously couldn’t pick just one color. I am too picky and wanted there to be plenty of variety for my guests, family, and our kids, who will all be involved in pictures and such. I also wanted something elegant and timeless so peacock colors seemed to fit everything I wanted. They will also be incorporated into my hair pieces and bouquet. I can’t wait!

Alanah: Pinterest! ????❤

Taylor: I found a Pinterest picture. I wanted something that would be timeless and classic, while still romantic and modern. (So much thought… haha.) I chose burgundy, dusty rose, and gold/cream accents.

Nikalle: I let me husband pick. He is a matchy matchy man and I wanted him to like them. Being that we had a country wedding, he wanted wildflowers so we tried to find colors of wildflowers. Mostly pastels in blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange.

Brittany: My fiancé is from Finland. As a nod to his homeland, we chose royal blue and white.

Julie: A beach wedding. Beach inspired colors.

Kedra: I chose silver, and white. Because I didn’t want any other color to clash with the red rocks of Moab, where my pictures and wedding will take place.

Abby: My fiance wanted a blue suit exactly like the one in dumb and dumber. ???? me being the good wifey I am, I agreed, and decided on a neutral color to match (brown). So lighter blue and Brown become our colors ❤

Rachel: I love neutrals and timeless colors. For my wedding, home, and business branding. I stick to neutrals and natural colors like metals, stones, things found in nature, etc.

Rebecca: I chose burgundy, blush, and ivory… burgundy because our daughter was born in January so garnet is her birth stone, and the blush/ivory because they go well together.

Madison: My husband and I agreed on berry tones because of the classy and timeless look. When it got down to planning though, I realized we had two different ideas of berry tones! So we decided to choose our favorite colors instead as a compromise (great marriage training haha)! Thus we had a turquoise and gray wedding with roses ❤️

MaKenzie: I LOVE the color red and I was getting married in the fall so of course reds and oranges and yellows was the way to go 🙂

Brittany: I know I wanted navy to be the my main color. Pinterest inspired me to use ivory as my second color 🙂

Deanna: Me and my fiance have fun characters we always draw ourselves as, and his is blue and mine is pink! So, naturally, I chose hot pink and navy because that is both of our colors together!

Elisabeth: I went with colors we both could live with, Emerald for him blush for me, black and gold to balance it out.

Melissa: I picked my color because the moment I realized I wanted to be with my fiancé forever was in the Manti Utah temple and I looked up and saw an amazing blue that will always make me think of him

Hannah: I chose peacock feather colors, because I had seen them at a wedding some time ago and loved it

Christie: I chose dusty blue and deep rose pink and white because those reminded me of a sunset over November snow in Minnesota where it was from.

Katie: I had an “Under the Stars” theme but I LOVE copper, so I started with that. Then it moved into what other colors I loved/would fill out the look. So navy, gold, copper, forest green, and light pink/blush. I was worried it would be too many and all over, but it turned out perfect!

Kylie: Favorite colors and what went with

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