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Hair Mistakes, 8 Hair Mistake Many Brides Make

I work with a lot of brides. I also work with people who work with a lot of brides. Your wedding is the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a child! You want it to be perfect, I understand that. However what I wield in my hand is a comb, not a wand. There is only so much I can do in certain situations. Here are a few mistakes a lot of brides make when it comes to their wedding day do, and how to avoid making them. 

1 – Being Unrealistic

I cannot make your short fine hair look like a pinterest photo of a model with longer and fuller locks. Remember the “not a wand” comment? I can do my best to give you something similar, or talk to you about the reality of what we have to work with and suggest another look that may be better. We can also discuss the possibility of hairpieces and extensions, however these are not included in the price.

2 – Not Hiring Someone Licensed 

This is a big deal in the wedding industry. If your friend is offering to do it and you know she is talented, that is one thing. However, in the industry makeup artists do not have to be licensed and because of this many of them also say “well I can curl hair too!” and advertise for hair styling as well. Even if they do not offer salon services this is ILLEGAL! Just don’t support it. I always think it is best to hire a pro over having your friend do it, but hiring someone who isn’t licensed is a big no-no. Ask to see their license to be sure. If they work in a salon you don’t need to worry as much because they need to be licensed to work there already.

3 – Being to Inspired 

I am a huge fan of pinterest and google images! They have given us great resources for finding millions of looks at the touch of a button. It is so nice to be able to visually see what a bride wants. However when it comes time to actually meet your stylist for a trial you need to comb through your 30+ pinned photos on your wedding pinterest board and narrow it down to 3 or less. Having too many photos can be confusing for your stylist. For example, if you want a beautiful upswept curled bridal bun. You show me 12 photos that you like (some you like curls, some you like the way it is pulled back, some you like the placement) and I notice that 5 of these the bride has a braid in her hair. Then I put a braid in your hair. However, you did not actually like that detail. Now hopefully your stylist will ask before braiding your hair, however, it gets muddled. 

4 – Not Doing a Trial

A trial isn’t there just to make the stylist more money. The point of a trial is that it will give you and your stylist time to meet, connect, really talk about what you want, try a couple of things and make sure that the look you want is truly what you want. It does prove to you also that your stylist knows what they are doing. Sometimes the stylist and the bride have language barriers and it can take time to communicate what the bride is wanting. I have done brides before that had I known what they were asking for I would have spent an hour less with them, but they didn’t know how to communicate what they needed in English since that wasn’t their primary language. If we had done a trial in that instance then on her wedding day I would have fully known what to do and could have executed it better and faster!

5 – Not Understanding Your Inspiration

Sometimes a bride comes in with a photo of a celebrity and they want their hair exactly like that. This sends chills down every hairdresser’s spine because often the reality of it, is that the client wants to look like Taylor Swift, not have her hair style. Try to find the same style in a few pictures, and if you only like the look of it on a couple of celebrities who look similar, then you may want to ask yourself if it is the style you like, or the celebrity.

6 – Not Being Prepared

When you come to your trial you need to have your veil, clips, pins, tiara or any other hair pieces you may want with you. You need to be on time and understand that you are not that stylist’s only appointment for the day. You also need to have clean dry hair. Coming with it wet or damp right after showering means your stylist has to spend extra time blow drying it, and this may result in an additional charge. You also need to let your stylist know previous to the appointment if you have extensions in your hair. 

7 – Not Being Open-Minded

I talked earlier about why a style you’ve set your heart upon may not work for you and your hair type. However, you need to remember also that your stylist has done these hundreds of times. They know what works with your look, face shape, and your dress. Trust them. If you are dead set on one look you may end up disappointed or missing out on something truly perfect for you! 

8 – Deep Conditioning Their Hair the Night Before

Your hair will probably end up too soft and silky to hold curl and bobby pins. All treatments need to be done no less than one week beforehand to ensure that your hair can be styled properly. If you want your hair to look soft and silky, your stylist should have products that add a brilliant and natural shine to the hair.

Follow these guidelines and I am sure your wedding day style will be perfect for you, and working with your stylist will be relaxing and stress-free! 

8 Hair Mistake Many Brides Make
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