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The Pros and Cons of Having a Budget for your Wedding

The Pros and Cons of Having a Budget for your Wedding
Congratulations, you’re getting married! You’ve dreamed of this for so long, and its finally here. Now what? You’ll need to find the perfect venue, cake, dress all of it, you want the wedding of your dreams and as you start planning you realize your dreams might be a little bit out of your price range, so the question comes, what to cut. You just can’t skimp on your dress, I mean come on the moment your groom see’s you for the first time you have to take his breath away, but what about capturing that look so you can have it forever? You need to make sure that your decorations are perfect to set the mood for your guest, but what about getting images of all those perfect decorations?

Every part of a wedding is important, and the importance of hiring professionals for your big day can make the difference between night and day! Your coworkers brother that just got a big fancy camera should not be responsible for your wedding photography. What happens when you’re walking down the aisle and his camera stops working and he has no back up gear, no second shooter and you are left with no images of your wedding? Or when you get to the reception and the lights go down and it’s a dance party but this person that just got a camera either doesn’t have a flash or doesn’t know how to use it? What about after the wedding is over and this person doesn’t realize the importance of backing up their images and their hard drive crashes and they lose every single image from your day, or since there was no official agreement between you two, you wait for 4 months and you still don’t have your images back yet? Is the amount of money you saved worth all the stress and tears of hating your images, or worse, losing the only visual memories of your wedding day?
The difference between a professional, is not so much the gear that they use, but it’s the knowledge of how to use that gear in many different situations, and their experience they have from all the years they have put into perfecting their craft.  You want to trust your wedding images to someone that knows what they are doing and knows what to anticipate. Someone who also knows how to finish your images in post processing. Not every image will come out of the camera perfectly exposed, but a professional has the software and more importantly the knowledge to adjust that image and will pay attention to the details to make sure they are giving you quality images.
The Pros and Cons of Having a Budget for your Wedding
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