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finding perfect wedding dress, What do you do after finding the perfect wedding dress?finding perfect wedding dress, What do you do after finding the perfect wedding dress?

You found the perfect wedding dress, now what? Check out OBMBridal’s tips for deciding on a veil and/or a fascinator.

Fall and Winter brides have many fun style options.  The team at OBMBridal has worked with gorgeous brides sporting everything from cocktail dresses to jumpsuits to traditional ball gown wedding dresses. One thing that stays constant is no matter the outfit, accessories are one special way every bride can express her style and showcase her unique personality. Accessories, and the way they’re worn, are as distinct as each and every bride – they can add color, sparkle, and/or texture.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to provide pointers for brides looking for a wedding veil and/or a fascinator. Here are our top tips for selecting exceptional accessories to complement your wedding dress:

  1. Small embellishments have a big impact. In general, an elaborate veil works well with a simple dress and a simple veil flatters a very detailed embellished dress. For the bride who prefers a classic look, try a veil with lace trimming. For a contemporary look, try a veil with rhinestones or other whimsical embellishments.
  2. Who says you have to pick just one? Indulge! It’s your big day, so feel free to pick more than one accessory. You can use the time between the ceremony and reception to switch from a wedding veil to a fascinator to refresh your look.  The fun thing about a fascinator is that you can look fabulous for the entire event – since you can wear it throughout the entire wedding, unlike your veil.
  3. Try on your overall look before the wedding. OBMBridal recommends selecting your accessories three months before the wedding. Take your accessories to your gown fittings to make sure your veil/fascinator, shoes, wedding sash, and jewelry come together in one cohesive style.
  4. Your hair style should complement your veil or fascinator, so take your veil or fascinator to your hair trial in order to finalize your wedding day look. Veils can be positioned higher or lower depending on how much drama and volume you prefer. Fascinators are versatile in that they can be worn on the side of your head, toward the front or any angle you determine looks best and feels most comfortable.

Once you’ve chosen your veil and/or fascinator, the next step is caring for your accessory so that it will last beyond your big day. OBMBridal recommends hanging your veil up (away from direct sunlight) once you receive it, so that wrinkles naturally loosen. Before wearing, gently steam if there are remaining wrinkles. Do not use an iron – since it can damage or discolor the veil. Caring for a fascinator is the similar, except instead of being hung on a hanger, it should be stored away from sunlight and placed somewhere safe – such as on top of a dresser or in a box – (make sure the lid doesn’t crush the fascinator when closed).


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finding perfect wedding dress, What do you do after finding the perfect wedding dress?

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