Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon

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Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon

You’ve just had your dream wedding come true. You’re on a complete blissful high from the perfection that was your wedding day. The last thing you want to have happen is for your bubble of bliss to be burst by a nightmare of a Honeymoon. It’s a well-known fact that honeymoons can quickly turn from dream vacations to nightmare realities in the blink of an eye.  Brides and Grooms get violently sick at sea because they weren’t prepared properly for Sea Sickness and thought that could never happen to them; luggage gets lost in the abyss of terminals somewhere in the Bahamas; tickets to “Wicked” are left on the groom’s dresser at home; and last, but not least, a hotel room advertised as beachfront actually overlooks the parking lot.

Tip: Think about what to wear on the plane too! These are real-life crises that can be avoided when a travel agent is in your corner.  Today I am here to share the top 4 reasons to use a travel agent while planning your honeymoon.

Nightmare Honeymoon, Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare HoneymoonTravel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon

1.Time management.  

When you’re planning for a wedding, time is of the essence.  Everyone involved has deadlines for when they need head counts, napkin and tablecloth colors, floral choices, meat selections for the reception, fondant or buttercream frosting for the cake, and of course, the cold cash that pays for everything.  So why not save your time and energy for enjoying the vacation after your wedding by using a travel agent for your honeymoon planning?  If you opt to have a wedding planner for the wedding and reception, your travel agent can work closely with them to make sure that all the post-wedding moving pieces are coordinated while you head to the spa for a day of relaxing and pre-wedding day pampering.

2.Stress is virtually eliminated.  

In a day and age when we can search for vacations on lots of different websites at 3 a.m. in our pajamas, it’s really important to remember that those websites are run by corporations who don’t care if something goes wrong.  They make their money on the number of people who book on their website and click on ads.  They are very mechanically driven and it is nearly impossible to contact someone if something goes wrong.  With a travel agent in your corner, they are your concierge.  They worry about and handle EVERYTHING for you.  If something goes wrong, you have someone to handle the situation for you and insure you and your sweetheart are taken care of.

3.Vacation bucket lists are a reality. 

Travel agents who are successful and loved by their clients are those who make vacation bucket lists happen. They have thorough conversations with their clients and find out exactly what they want to accomplish on their trip and make it happen.  Maybe you want to experience a secluded sunset dinner on the beach in Maui, but are vegan? Your travel agent will be able to find the best option for your dietary needs and budget, and it will be an experience like nothing you’ve dreamed of before.  Travel agents make it their full-time job to know about the very best of everything so that you can enjoy crossing off those vacation bucket list items without the hassle.

4.Personalized Service.  

Travel agents are 100% committed to each and every one of their clients.  Once you’re on their radar, they are always looking for the latest and greatest adventures for you to book next.  They take note of your travel preferences and make sure they are met on every single trip you take.  They also keep their eyes open for sales and discounts on trips and destinations that they know you would love to experience or have mentioned in conversation. A skilled travel agent will take care of every last detail of your honeymoon so that literally all you have to do is pack your bags; and they can even provide time saving tips for packing as well. But we’ll leave that to another day!

Your honeymoon should be a relaxing and memorable occasion for you and your sweetheart, not a nightmare that seems to never end.  A travel agent can make that happen for you and probably achieve way more than you ever thought was possible. #BucketListChic is a way of life for travel agents and I hope that you will consider this option as you plan your wedding and honeymoon.  Cheers to your new life and adventures with your love!

Natalee – The Travel Concierge

Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon

6 Replies to “Travel Advice: The Secret to Avoiding a Nightmare Honeymoon”

  1. Alyssa Nicole Zapinski says:

    I’ve never heard of a vacation bucket list. I’ll have to look into one of those before my ‘moon. 🙂

  2. says:

    Great tips! I think this can be applied to any trip as well 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    Great tips! Not only for a honeymoon, but I’ll use these when we do our yearly couples getaway. A travel agent sounds like the way to go!


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