Coastal Lavender Vase DIY

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Coastal Lavender Vase DIY, Coastal Lavender Vase DIY

Coastal Lavender Vase DIY



2 Nautical Ropes (Dollar Tree)

Large Fishbowl vase (Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks (I use the dollar tree ones, and they are great)

Floral foam (Dollar Tree)

Lavender flower (I got them from Joann’s because they are more realistic looking)



I cleaned the vase first to make sure there wasn’t anything on it, but you don’t have to

Start by applying a line of hot glue along the bottom of the vase and applying the nautical rope ( tip: the

glue dries quickly on glass so don’t do to long of a line of hot glue, or you will have to peel it off)

Keep applying the glue and wrapping the nautical rope around the vase until the rope ends

When the rope ends, attach the next rope where you left off, keep gluing and wrapping until you reach the top

I trimmed the floral foam a little bit to fit in the vase and add your lavender and enjoy!

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