It’s All In The Symbolism – Picking The Perfect Flowers

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Every single detail on your wedding day is important. The flowers you and your attendants carry must symbolize eternal love.

Be very careful as you pick every little flower that goes into your bouquet. Some flowers are actually used in funeral bouquets, others symbolize negative feelings. For example, the peony means “I’m angry at you.”

Since the meaning of the flowers is so important, I hand picked 7 very romantic flowers for your special occasion.

When you are looking for flowers that symbolize mean romance, these are the exact ones you want!

Yellow Daffodil

Yellow is a bright and happy color. The Yellow Daffodil symbolizes new beginnings and good luck. Your marriage is the first chapter of a brand new story. Choose this flower for a dose of luck.

White Daisies

All brides love wearing white. It stands for purity and beauty. White daisies are used in weddings to communicate the purity of their love and simplicity of their future together.

Red Tulips

Red is the color of passion and often means powerful love. The red tulip is the symbol of perfect love. It is said that the black center of the flower stands for a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion.


Otherwise known as Peruvian lilies, these are the flowers to pick if you are marrying your best friend and soul mate. They symbolize friendship and devotion, two qualities every bride wants in her mate.


More for the wedding night, these flowers stand for virility and sexuality. This symbolism most likely came from their exotic appearance and delicate petals.


Loyalty and dedication – two very desirable traits in the person you are marrying. As you vow to eternally love and care for your partner, carry the sunflowers. They symbolize loyalty and deep friendship.


These are rare and have a hefty price tag, but worth every cent for your wedding bouquet. Gardenias signify deep, old fashioned love and joy.

These are our 7 picks for flowers that symbolize romance, but there are so many more! Ask your florist for emotional meanings behind the flowers you want to use. Be careful as you choose flowers for your special day. Research their popular uses – you don’t want to use flowers commonly used at funerals or as sympathy gifts.

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