How to Make Your Wedding Entertaining for Guests

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Your wedding day should be designed to make you and your partner happy, but you also want to make sure that all your guests have an amazing time. That takes careful planning to ensure that you create an event that everyone will enjoy and that will give you amazing memories for years to come. Here are a few tips to help you get started with planning a wedding that will stand out for all your guests as an amazing experience.


Many weddings basically consist of sitting around and chatting once the ceremony is over. And while it is nice for your guests to have time to talk to each other, that isn’t always exciting enough to make the event memorable. Having a few games for guests to play can get them more involved and make the whole day a lot more fun. You could bring board games for your guests to play, or keep things simple with games that can be played with a pen and paper. It’s a good idea to choose games that are short and easy to play, even if it is your guest’s first time trying them.


The music you choose for your wedding will set the tone for the whole event and make things fun for everyone. You should choose music that fits the theme of your wedding and that you genuinely love. It’s also a good idea to think about how your music will be played. You can hire a dj or a band, or you can just use a playlist on your phone depending on your budget and the goals you have for your wedding. A professional DJ is great at reading a crowd to know what kind of music to play.

Photo Ops

You should always have a professional photographer on hand to catch the beautiful moments at your wedding, but you should also make room for more candid opportunities. A photo booth or even disposable cameras on the tables can make your wedding really fun and add a retro feel to the whole event.

Everyone wants their wedding to be special and fun, and that is a goal you can totally accomplish. Knowing that your guests had a great time will make your wedding even more memorable. Start planning with time to spare so you can make it a day that you and your guests always remember.

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  1. Haley Thomas says:

    Love this! So many couples forget this part of the wedding day and it’s a downer. Love these tips so much!

    1. All Things Wedding Utah says:

      Thank you, weddings have so many parts you have to consider.


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