How Do I Make Sure People Want to Dance at My Wedding?

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The best part of your wedding (besides marrying the love of your life) is the party that comes after. This is the time when you can celebrate with your family and friends, and a big part of that is dancing. Try the following tips to ensure that people want to dance at your wedding.

Arranging the Dance Floor

The first step in getting people to dance at your wedding is to set up an area where people will want to dance. Decide on your dance floor. You can have an actual dance floor set up, or you can just pick an open area to start dancing. Once you’ve determined where you’ll dance, the next step is to decorate. How you choose to do so will depend on the theme of your wedding, but there are some things you should always include. For instance, lighting is always important. A disco ball can be a fun touch, but you can also tone it down with string lights. Decide where the music will come from, and where to place speakers to ensure everyone can hear and dance along.

Selecting the Music

Once you’ve got the space set up, you’ll need to find a dj to play music at your wedding. You can also have a live band if you prefer, but a dj does tend to provide more variety. Find some local djs in your area and meet with them to determine which one you’d like to work with. It’s a good idea to have a do-not-play list of songs for your DJ so they don’t play something that you particularly dislike. Selecting the music also includes choosing which songs you’d like for the important dances of the night. Many individuals have first dances with their new spouse, father-daughter dances, and a dance for the bridal and groom parties. During this time, you should let the dj know which songs you’d like to play for each of these dances.

Set an Example

Everyone wants to dance at a wedding, especially if there’s good music playing. However, embarrassment and insecurity sets in when no one else is dancing. So, to get all of your guests into the dancing spirit, you need to dance too! Speak with your bridesmaids and groomsmen about setting the tone for the dance floor. Then, when the time is right, start off strong. If enough of you are dancing, others will join in! With the threat of embarrassment gone, your guests will join in and dance the night away.

Your wedding should be a party where you have the chance to celebrate your love. A big part of this party is the reception, where you can dance and party away. However, if no one dances, the party can become dull and boring. These are a few things you can do to ensure people dance at your wedding.

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