DIY Satin Fabric Flowers

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DIY Satin Fabric Flowers, DIY Satin Fabric Flowers

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Want a unique way to show your style? Try these Satin Fabric Flowers. They can be made into a bouquet, decor or anything else you want to use them for. Plus they will last a long time!

Satin Fabric Flowers

·         Satin Fabric

·         Scissors

·         Thread

·         Needle

·         Lighter

·         Pearl Beads

Step 1: Use a paper template to cut out 5 even round pieces of the satin fabric. The size of your template depends on how large or small you want the flower to be.

Step 2: Slightly burn the edges of the round pieces so that no access threads from the fabric comes out.

Step 3: Now take one of the round pieces and fold it in 4.

Step 4: Sew the bottom of the satin piece by making running stitches.

Step 5: Use the same method from *Step 4* and stitch all the pieces together.

Step 6: Pull the Thread to make the petals folds. Then sew the first piece with the last one to get the flowers shape.

Step 7: Sew some beads on the middle of the flower.

Step 9: Then add some satin leaves to add more details.

And it’s done!

Photos added soon.


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