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How to save money on wedding food

Depending on your menu choices, the food you serve at your reception can end up being extremely costly. But, there’s no reason to panic. Keep reading, to learn a few simple ways to cut your wedding food budget and save money on your wedding food. It is possible!

Focus on Appetizers

These days, it’s very trendy to serve lots of delicious appetizers and skip the traditional sit-down meal. Your wedding guests can easily enjoy munching on appetizers while hanging out and socializing with others all at the same time.

As long as you purchase enough food to go around, everyone at your wedding will still be able to eat their fair share and feel just as satisfied as if they sat down to an elaborate meal.

Consider a Buffet or Food Stations

While hiring servers to work your reception adds a bit of extra flair to your wedding day, it raises the cost of your food budget substantially. The best way to provide food for guests without paying for service is to set up a buffet table.

Yes, guests will be required to serve themselves. However, it gives them another chance to mingle. If your reception is being held at a smaller venue, consider setting up multiple food stations rather than a single buffet table to prevent the area around the food from becoming too crowded.

Opt for a Cupcake Cake

The wedding cake may be the most memorable part of your entire reception. But, cake also tends to be rather pricey. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, why not opt for an elegant, multi-tiered cupcake display.

Displays like this are every bit as memorable as a traditional wedding cake and can end up costing less than half as much. Choosing multiple flavors appeal to a wider variety of guests. Cupcakes are also much easier to serve when everyone is ready for dessert.

These are just three ways to save money on food for your wedding. Typically, the more you take the time to plan, the less costly it will be. Getting married does NOT have to break the bank!

How to save money on wedding food