DIY Succulent Faux Naked Cake

Whether you want a beautiful display cake for your wedding or to add to your coffee bar without spending a fortune this project is for you!  Naked cakes are lovely, they are classic and will not likely go out of fashion anytime soon. I spent a little over $10 in supplies at Hobby Lobby and bought a $1 can of lightweight spackle to create this gorgeous succulent cake to display on my table and give it a little pizazz.

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How To Host A Sober Bachelorette Party

Basically anyone can plan a bachelorette party, so long as they are connected to the bride and the wedding in some way. While the maid of honor (or equivalent) is the traditional choice for planning and hosting the bachelorette party, it is entirely possible for the bride herself to do the same. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a bride hosting her own bachelorette party is a controlling bridezilla or is on the path to becoming one. Some brides want certain things for their bachelorette party, and sometimes there may be issues with maids of honor or bridesmaids honoring those requests.

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In Celebration of Bridesmaids-11 Cool Gifts to Thank Them!

Bridesmaids!  They are your sisters, soon to be sisters-in-law, cousins and of course, best friends.  What would you do without them?  Before the wedding, they are your sounding board, decorating assistant, guidance counselor and there to help you choose the most amazing wedding gown possible.  On the day of, one word- SUPPORT!  From the wedding day jitters, hair & makeup stressing, hostessing, to the last minute details overload, they are your rock.  Show your love & appreciation with the following 11 amazing gift ideas to thank them for all they do…

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