What Everyone Should Make Room for In Their Wedding Budget

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, What Everyone Should Make Room for In Their Wedding Budget

Are you trying to decide how to budget for your wedding? There are so many options available to you for different things that you can spend your money on. It can be tricky to prioritize and decide which things really matter for your wedding. Some decisions will be according to your personal interests or desires for your wedding. Here are a few things that everyone should make room for in their wedding budget. 


First of all, you should make room for a DJ in your wedding budget. Music is a huge part of your wedding day from your ceremony to your reception line to your party dancing. Nobody wants to hear boring music or ads from a streaming service at your wedding. Instead, hire a DJ who will be able to play your favorite music at all the perfect moments throughout your wedding day. You can give your DJ personalized instructions on what different songs you’d like to be played for different moments. For example, you’ll likely want a specific song for your first dance, your bouquet toss, and for the moment when you’re walking down the aisle. Don’t leave those big moments up to technical difficulties and streaming services! Hire a DJ instead. 

A Videographer

Next, you should definitely make room in your wedding budget for a videographer. Wedding photos are very important, but having a wedding videographer will add a special element to your day. A videographer will be able to capture some of the most special, intimate, moments of your wedding day such as your vows, the sendoff, the dancing, etc. You should also capture key moments on video, like the preparation before the wedding. You will love to look back on your wedding day by watching a beautiful, professional wedding video by your videographer. Those videos will be worth every single penny you spend on them!

Food Caterers

This might seem obvious to some brides, but you’d be surprised by the number of brides that try to save money by having their food homemade. Don’t put pressure on your family and friends by expecting them to cook food or treats for your wedding. Even if you’re just serving desserts at your reception, that will still be a stressful responsibility for your family members to take care of. Make sure that you save room in your wedding budget to pay for food caterers. Make sure to pick caterers that can take care of any dietary needs and restrictions that might occur among your wedding guests. Hiring a food caterer to take care of your wedding food will make your wedding so much less stressful and much more enjoyable for you and your guests. 

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to budget for your wedding, remember to make choices that will make your wedding less stressful, more memorable, and more enjoyable. Hiring a DJ, a videographer, and food caterers can help accomplish all of these goals. Remember, your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. Make sure that you budget and plan to make that dream wedding come true.

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