Dj, Band or Ipod – What will you use for your Reception?

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dj for reception, Dj, Band or Ipod – What will you use for your Reception?

When choosing the music for your wedding reception, start by thinking about the wedding receptions you have attended – what was the music like? Was there a DJ or band? Was that the type of experience you desire for you and your guests? Most people want to dance the night away, but maybe you would like the music to be a setting to your reception – not every group of people are party type.

Music plays a great role in your wedding reception. 

The right songs can give you memories you will appreciate forever. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the choice is yours. It’s your day, and you need to be pleased with it. Just remember to have everything planned out before the deal day.

Should you go for a DJ, band or maybe do it yourself and make a playlist on your iPod? 

A lot of DJ’s will play a pre-made list that you provide for them. With a DJ, you can be guaranteed that the music will be good as it is, indeed, the recordings of the original artists. On the other side, a band can be delightful too and can help add impression. You might just get a regular band that is well-known with songs to play at weddings or even an instrumental band. A string quartet is something excellent to think about if there will not be much dancing.

DJ, Band or iPod? Each has their pros and cons, most of which come down to personal budget and taste.

If you want the sound of a wide selection of music just as it is played on the radio, then a DJ and an iPod may be a better choice.

If you like the exclusive sound and atmosphere provided by live music, then a band can be for you. Bands will need to take breaks between distinctive 45-minute sets, will take up more room and usually cost more than a DJ or an iPod.

Remember it’s one of the most memorable parts of your life, the entertainment can also be a more significant part of your overall budget, so be reasonable about what you can afford.

Live bands are superior to a DJ or iPod playlist because they add that ‘wow’ feature and sense of occasion. 

Their collection can be customized to the age of guests present at the reception. Live bands are good because they can accommodate a particular wedding theme, e.g., the band can dress in 1920’s outfit if you are having a Jazz Age-themed wedding. If you ask some people, they will tend to concur that live bands generally look more exciting to have 4-5 people on stage rather than a single underdressed DJ. Moreover, bands take roughly half an hour to setup and pack up their equipment, while a DJ takes at least one hour.

Lastly, live bands can bring persona and stage presence, and the Band Leader can also double as MC. This can save couples a considerable amount of money and help keep their wedding under a plan.


Dj, Band or Ipod - What will you use for your Reception?

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  1. tsprindisw says:

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the ipod setup. I think it’s okay if you make sure you have a good sound system.


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