Plan an Amazing Bachelorette Party without going Broke

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Bachelorette parties are getting bigger and bigger all the time. Bridal parties are flying all over the world, jet-setting in five-star hotels and spending outrageous amounts of money. That would certainly be nice, but not all of us have that kind of scratch.

There are actually ways to have an amazing party without going broke in the process. Plus, your bachelorette party should also be meaningful. Getting the bride tanked is fun, but letting her know how much you care about her and are happy she found the right person to marry is what it’s really all about.

Check in with the bride:

First you should talk to the bride and find out what kind of party she wants. If she wants to go out of town, that’s great. But also find out what people can afford. Some might be struggling to make ends meet and feel pressured to go into debt to afford a trip.

There are tons of websites that help you find cheap travel all over the world. If you Google “Cheap travel,” you’ll find dozens of websites to help you plan a trip. The more people you can fit into one room, the cheaper it becomes for each person. But don’t overdo it. You’re adults, not children at summer camp.

Consider going to a city that’s nearby, but still away from home. You might be able to find a place that has group wine tours or a regional casino. Perhaps a rented cabin in the woods will be a great place to hang out and a chance for the bridal party to get to know each other, while paying tribute to the bride-to-be. Go camping or “glamping,” take a cooking class, go skydiving, go to a dive bar and sing karaoke, visit museums, take a craft beer tour, visit a distillery or go to a spa (and only get a single, affordable service). You can even do volunteer work.

When planning, remember to be diplomatic: Ask the bride first what she wants to do, and then ask the other attendees for ideas to add.

Secure the homefront:

Believe it or not, this is an important step that can fall through the cracks. Before you go out of town, make sure that your home is secure. A good home security system with monitoring can help you relax, knowing that your belongings won’t be stolen or damaged. Remind the other party-goers not to post on social media until you get back, or you can create a private Facebook group to post photos for only those you trust. You don’t want strangers to know your house is unattended.

What’s most important:

Take some time to shower the bride with love, too. Play games, create a scrapbook for her, do crafts together, talk about how each of you met her and why you are still close friends. Brides planning a wedding are usually stressed to their limit, so take some time to allow her to relax and have fun. Maybe give each other pedicures, or have a home spa night.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, delegate. Centralize the planning, but ask other bridesmaids to help out. Have one research venues, the other decide on games, another to get a cake, and so on. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Doing all the work yourself almost guarantees you won’t have fun and end up feeling resentful about it.

The most important part of any bachelorette party is the memories you make. The bride will remember this party as the most important time of her life with her best friends. She’ll love you for it.

Written by: Brittany Fisher

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  1. Jen Morrow says:

    I love the Glamping weekend idea! It is a great way to save money and quality girl time with your squad.


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