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Must Have Wedding Gifts

Need help figuring out what to get the happy Couple? These must have wedding gifts are tips from the couples themselves to give you an idea of what is really important to them.

Brittany – Hands down our Food Processor!!! I didn’t even think of adding it on my wedding list but someone got it for us and it is a LIFESAVER! No more spending hours cutting up vegetables or mincing garlic. Slicing cucumbers/peppers or making homemade hashbrowns has never been easier! Gives me a better excuse to eat healthy 😉

Kassidy – My Shark Swivel Vacuum! A few of my family members went in on it and I have been using it for 3 years now and love it.

Elizabeth – Tinoco Concert tickets! They created a memory for us that is sure to last a lifetime as it was our favorite artist as well!

Sydney – Most useful: knife set or dishes. Most fun: double sided waffle maker. Husband says the blender.

Trevor – We didn’t have a gift list because both of us had houses with everything needed so people gave us cash and we used that to pay for part of our honeymoon and bedroom set.

Mei – TBH money and gift cards. Helped us pay for groceries and household stuff while we settled down.

Lindsey – Rice cooker or veggie steamer, I really liked my salad spinner too.

Carolyn – Gift cards towards the honeymoon.

Tara – Most useful was definitely a fully stocked first aid kit and tool kit! Never even thought of that and good to have! Favorite was swivel vacuum or gift cards, or my kitchen aid mixer!

Dakota – My crock pot was a gift from the gods, but I really loved gift cards because that’s what really helped us get our basic needs in our new home together being newlywed poor.

Megan – Most definitely money and gift cards! It saved our lives for the first couple months of groceries and things we needed that we didn’t get for gifts. We loved receiving pots, pans, knives and silverware. And I’m gonna have to agree with Tara on the first aid kit, we got one too and it has come in handy!

Brenda – Money, we paid our first rent, utilities and for groceries.

Amanda – A large basket with all the cleaning essentials! Literally was the best wedding gift ever!! Plus cleaning supplies are always a must-have home item that isn’t ever really boughten for a gift.

Riya – Everything was so helpful! But my favorite was from an aunt who gave me a cutout quote about love from my recently deceased 98-year-old great grandmother. It now sits on a frame in my scrapbook. The little things are the most memorable!

Kailey – Either our New griddle or a date night! We had a gift card to go to dinner and a movie – which is just what we needed after planning a stressful wedding ????

Destiny – Money and gift cards! It paid for our honeymoon and things we needed and bills! It helped so much 🙂

Brittany – My mom had grocery showers for my bridal showers. Helped us stock up. Favorite is probably all the restaurant gift cards so we can celebrate the months we are married.

must have wedding gifts, Must Have Wedding Gifts