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Oddest item seen at a Wedding?

All Things Wedding Utah asked the community: What is the oddest, most out of place item you have seen at a wedding or had at your own wedding?

I know that when Mary-Kate Olsen got married their wedding decore included several little bowls filled with cigarettes and cigars for the guests…. uh wut? -Angela

I had someone put chewed gum on some coins and smash our custom confetti (with our faces on them, you know… as a table decoration) into it to make a sandwich of disgusting. They gave it to us as a souvenir of sorts. Classy! -Kara

Gold fish were the centerpieces…. Like, live goldfish in bowls. And drinks were in kiddy pools. -Sheena

I saw this at a wedding with beta fish. They put a glitter leaf in there too. The fish started dieing halfway through reception because glue/glitter was toxic to the fish -Jamey

We had an XBox with a projector screen at our wedding haha….In a different room for the kids (or groomsmen) of course. -Heather

I had a huge vintage post office scale for my wedding cake to sit on. And I had dirt with tiny seedlings as a few centerpieces (in clear glass vases) – Tamera

The bride or grooms ex is always cause for alarm or drama. Hopefully you are a lucky one who has a great relationship with them, otherwise look out! -Rylee

I think Utah weddings “take the cake” as the most “unique” I have ever seen. I can’t even recall how many weird or odd things I have encountered! -Heather

We actually did a pinata towards the end of our reception for the kids in attendance. Randomly, it was a soccer ball. -Debi

At my sisters wedding outdoors this summer, my uncle brought his ducks and swans to swim in the little creek it was quite hilarious but all the kids enjoyed it so much -Shaena

We had a mechanical bull at our wedding! Now that was a wild ride! -Nichole

Odd things pop up everywhere you go and sometimes it even happens at weddings. Don’t let it discourage you, sometimes it is a highlight of the day! Who doesn’t love ducks!?! 

Do you have anything else to add? What is something you’ve seen at a wedding that was out of place?

Oddest item seen at a Wedding?

2 Replies to “Oddest item seen at a Wedding? – We Asked our Community.”

  1. Jen Morrow says:

    Okay, now I want a mechanical bull, a pinanta, and live fish for my next wedding! Brilliant and wacky!!


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