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Invitation Etiquette 101

invitation etiquette, Invitation Etiquette 101When it comes to weddings, tradition, and etiquette play a huge role in all of the festivities. In most cases, couples and families are concerned with being appropriate all the way from asking the bride’s father or family for her hand in marriage to making the rounds at the reception. Etiquette and tradition are part of what keep weddings so special, but the trouble is, exactly what is the correct etiquette and how do varying traditions affect that? That is a long and detailed answer with many parts, but let’s tackle at least one portion, wedding invitation etiquette.

Part 1: Wording Elements

Wording elements are the sections or lines of the wedding invitation. Below is a list of the standard parts in order from top to bottom.

  • Invitation Line
  • Request Line(s)
  • Brides Name
  • Joining Word
  • Groom’s Name
  • Groom’s Parents (optional)
  • Date Line
  • Year Line
  • Time Line
  • Location
  • Address
  • City and State

Part 2: Grammar Tips

There are four things to consider when it comes to grammar. Numerals, Punctuation. Abbreviations, and Capitalization.

Numerals may be used for street addresses but should be spelled out in dates.

Wedding invitations do not require punctuation at the end of lines. Commas should still be used within lines to separate the day of the week from the day of the month. In addresses, commas should still be used to separate the city from the state.

It is not proper to use abbreviations on the invitation even in the case of middle names and titles, though “doctor” and “Junior” may be abbreviated with long names.

Only proper nouns should be capitalized. It is also common for the first letter of the date to be capitalized, but it’s not necessary. One exception is the beginning of a new sentence or thought. For example, “Reception to follow”.

Part 3: Expert Advice

Here are a few more expert tips on some common mistakes.

In most cases, optional lines should not be used.

Stating that children are not welcome is never good etiquette. This should be shared prior to the wedding by word of mouth. However, “adult only reception is a reasonable compromise but should be placed on the last line of your reception card

Gift registry is considered poor taste and the proper way to let people know if again, by word of mouth.

If the wedding is a black tie event be sure to note that correctly capitalizing it this way, “Black tie”.

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Invitation Etiquette 101
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