Ideas for Decorating your Tables at the Reception

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By: Misty Eilar

A big part of the reception is how the tables look. You want it to showcase your wedding theme as well as show your personality. You want to customize it, have fun with it or even make it elegant. 

There are some basic components you need to consider and pick out whether you are catering and renting everything or buying it all yourself. The main list is: Table Numbers, Centerpieces, Chair Sashes or Covers, Tablecloths, Table Runners and Tableware (includes silverware). 

First, decide on a style/theme you want, they start finding a couple different ideas you like for each to help you find exactly what you want or don’t want. 

Next, is to find out how many of each you will need. Always get a couple extras in case of damage. 

Lastly, Finalize what you want and order it or tell the company you are using. Make sure you are giving enough time to get all of it in, so you are not rushing or it comes late. 

Table Numbers:

Table Runners:


Tableware Sets:


Chair Sashes:

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