How to Plan a Simple Wedding

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, How to Plan a Simple Wedding

Weddings during the COVID-19 quarantines and limitations taught many brides to rejoice in simplicity. If you want to plan a wedding that is simple and not over the top, you’ll want to be very intentional in your planning. 

Here are a few suggestions for planning a simple and unforgettable wedding. 

Combine the Ceremony and Reception

First, you can simplify your wedding day by combining the ceremony and reception, both in location and in events. Often, brides feel the need to make their wedding an all-day event, but you can shorten it to a meaningful ceremony and quick reception celebration afterward for a more simple day. 

Sometimes, you can even find wedding venues that are all-inclusive and have a package deal with a florist and/or caterer. This can help you to keep things a little bit more simple, straightforward, and organized as you’re coordinating your wedding.

Be Selective About Who You Invite

Next, make sure that you’re being selective about who you invite to your wedding. Shortening your guest list can help to keep your wedding a lot more simple. The more people you invite to your wedding, the more expensive the bill will be. 

Remember, when you invite people to your wedding, you’re not just inviting them to see your ceremony. You’ll need to provide seating, food, space, and entertainment for all of the guests that you invite. So, shortening the wedding guests list can help you to have a more simple day that will help you to focus on the people in your life who matter most. 

Find a Beautiful Venue

Finally, make sure that you find a beautiful venue that will look gorgeous without tons of decorations. Many wedding venues are built-in locations with lots of natural beauty around. For example, you could be married in a greenhouse venue that has plants and flowers everywhere. The natural beauty of the venue will speak for itself, especially when you’re in your wedding attire, and you won’t have to spend more on decor. This will help you to save a lot of money on decorations since you won’t need to pay for flowers, lanterns, and other decorations. Finding a beautiful venue will make your wedding preparations and budgeting a lot more simple and easy to take care of. 

So, if you’re engaged and want to plan a simple wedding, make sure that you remember these tips. You can combine the ceremony and reception, be selective about who you invite, and find a beautiful venue. Having a simpler wedding day will help you to focus more on the monumental step that you’re taking with your partner.

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