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By, Bree Campbell – Makeup Artist

As a freelance makeup artist, I’m in love with all things makeup. Whether it be for a special event, photo shoot or even a personalized consultation. However, bridal makeup will always be my absolute favorite. There’s something so magical about being a part of such a special day that makes my soul so happy. Not to mention the incredible bond between the bride and her family that’s created. My job is one of the most important as a bridal makeup artist. I ensure the bride feels the absolute best version of herself. Which can set the tone for her day.

My recommendation would always be to hire a certified makeup artist for special event makeup, especially your wedding. Having a professional minimizes stress levels, ensures your makeup is how you envisioned (I always recommend a pre-wedding day trial, to double ensure your satisfaction) and ensures the proper techniques are used to make you look great for photographs/in person (which is trickier than it seems) and will make sure your makeup lasts through the entire event. Plus, who doesn’t love a little pamper session!

Although I recommend a professional, I know it’s not on everyone’s list or in their budget for their wedding day. So, I’m excited to share a few tricks of the trade to help you feel at ease doing your own makeup on your wedding day.

Make-up Tips:

  • Be the best version of you: Pick a look that matches how you regularly look. You want to enhance your daily look. Don’t overdo it.
  • Practice makes perfect: Once you’ve decided your look. Practice, practice, practice. This will ensure ease, less stress and a better outcome on the day of.
  • Skip the SPF: SPF creates a white cast when using flash photography.
  • False lashes: Perfect way to make your eyes pop without a ton of mascara! You can get them in any length, color, and style you want.
  • Long wear: One option for long wear makeup is to use a setting spray upon completion of your look. This will make your makeup staying fresher looking, longer.
  • Last but certainly not least, have a touch-up kit: Put together a small touch up kit. Translucent setting powder, blotting papers, concealer, your lip color, a handheld mirror and any other misc. items for an emergency just in case. Give said touch up kit to your maid of honor, mother or someone you wholeheartedly trust. Have them check in with you periodically to make sure no touch ups are needed.

I hope these tips have helped put you at ease about doing your own wedding makeup.

Happy wedding!!

• Bree Campbell •

Makeup Artist Instagram: @breecam_mua