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Doing your Homework on Floral Investments

As a wedding planner and floral artist, I have helped many brides plan out their wedding flowers and what to consider in thier floral investments. I have seen a trend of brides being very surprised when the price of their flowers has been given to them. Many feel the price is too high. This is why I have decided to write a small article. I feel that as a future bride you should be aware of the prices of flowers, it will be an investment for your special day.

All too many that I have helped have sent me their vision boards and what they love off of Pinterest and magazines and this truly does help when planning out their style, but often thought of as it’s only going to be in the hundreds. This is why I say please take the time to do your homework on the cost of flowers. They are usually going to be triple the cost that you have in your head. Some will say a good Florist will work within your budget and yes this is a courtesy that your Florist can extend to you, but all too often they are not being paid enough for their services.

What to Consider in Your Floral Investments

As a Florist we spend hours on end designing and planning, shopping and driving around, processing flowers that can be an all day process, setting up the event and taking it all down. Our goal is to make your day perfect with little to no stress for you, the client. All too often especially here in the state of Utah (nothing against this beautiful state). But somehow it’s become ok to try to get everything for nothing. And it is truly an insulting experience to go through as a wedding vendor. We would never ask you to do your job and hope that you’ll take a pay decrease and sometimes almost nothing. I feel that you would be offended by this. This is the trend here in Utah. Be the DIY bride but all too often it’s taken to the extreme especially with the floral investments.

Please be considerate to the professionals that you want to hire, and as a Florist I am on board to completely work overboard for my clients to ensure everything is beautiful. However, I need to make a living as do all vendors. We are providing you a service that requires a payment in which a profit can be made. Most Florists make a little margin on the cost of flowers so please do not ask them to work for nothing. I write this not as a complaint, but to be informative so as you get ready to plan for your wedding day that you have the proper savings set aside for what you are asking and hoping for.

Save up for your day. Save to make it beautiful. Please know as a Florist we are here and ready to help in any way, just be prepared and know you will be giving a small investment toward your floral purchase. A good start is $1,500 minimum for a small wedding. This gives a Florist enough to work with to make it nice. Please be informed so when you’re ready to sit down with your Florist it won’t be a shock to you and to prevent an embarrassing situation and you will feel confident in your Florist knowing that their prices are fair.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little article. Best of luck to you as you plan out your special day.


By Jennifer Hansen of Botanical Eden

Doing your Homework on Floral Investments