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Top 5 Things to Bring to Your Floral Consultation


By, Emily Johanson

Here are my TOP 5 THINGS TO BRING that will make your wedding floral consultation a stress free success.

1. A Complete List of All the Items You Need (how many BM, GM, arrangements etc.)

Nobody expects the bride to have all the details hashed out before the floral consultation.   A good florist will know how to help make those difficult decisions about specific flowers, what varieties will work well, and how to make your dream wedding become a reality even on a budget.

What they’ll need from you is the nuts and bolts.  What, when, how big, and how many are all questions you should come to your consultation prepared to answer.  That way, you and your florist can use your time to work out the details instead of deciding whether Uncle Fred really needs a bout or not.

Finally, don’t expect your florist to be able to give an accurate price quote without all of the pertinent information.  Bringing a shopping list of all the floral items you need to your consultation will save you and your florist a huge headache.

2. Your Budget

Having a budget ready at the beginning of your consultation will help your florist make important decisions about what type of flowers you can afford to put into your arrangements.  A good florist will know how to match your budget to the style of wedding you want even if the budget is tight.

3. Wedding Colors and Style (rustic, boho, formal, etc.)

The mark of a good florist is how well they are able to suggest the right flowers to match your personal style and preference.  Having an idea of your colors and style of wedding you want is like a map for your florist and will help them understand your preference.

4. Photos of Bouquets You Like

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Bringing photos (or emailing them to your florist beforehand) to the consultation can help you clarify your style and can give the florist a strong idea of what you’re looking for.  It can also help them make suggestions for alternate flowers if the ones in the photos don’t fit into your budget.

5. Any Additional Items You Want to Incorporate into the Flowers (special ribbon, brooch, lace from your dress, vases, etc.)

Want to include a piece of lace ?  Maybe you have a special brooch or you have already picked out some vases.  These items can add meaning and focus to your floral arrangements.  Just be sure to bring them with you to your consultation.  They can really inspire your florist to create the “look” you are going for.  It also will help them give you a more accurate price quote.

All in all, the more clearly you can explain to your florist the what, when, how many, and how big, the better.  Don’t worry if you are not sure about how you want things to look or what flowers you want. If you have my TOP 5 THINGS TO BRING, your florist can help you with everything else!


Top 5 Things to Bring to Your Floral Consultation