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Artisans: Three Reasons to Buy Handmade

By: Lindsay Recknall

More and more, we’re looking for those handmade, one-of-a-kind items, created locally and made by Artisans who are running small businesses…but why is that?  Here are three reasons I think that is!

#1 – Support families like ours

Artisans are often men and women with a passion for creating, often encouraged into designing and producing their products by other family members and friends because they do such great work or because there isn’t another product quite like it.  These families are working hard to support their families and buying from these Artisans is like supporting a neighbor or colleague.  Instead of spending your own hard-earned money to a faceless corporation, we encourage you to buy from Artisans and support each other.

#2 – Better understanding of where the materials come from

We are placing an increasing importance on knowing what our products are made from and whether or not these products are good for our families and friends.  By buying from an Artisan, you’re more likely to learn where they source their materials, potentially the country or region their suppliers are from (and in some situations, learn the stories too!), and the full list of ingredients so you can be assured you’re buying what you think you’re buying.  Handmade products can often be made of ethically-sourced and natural materials and very likely the Artisan is taking care to buy what they would use with their own families too.

#3 – Unique and customizable to us

Don’t we all want to be different in our own way?  Absolutely, we still want to fit in but we also want to put our stamp on our own lives and customize experiences to our personalities!  Buying from Artisans can help us with that…often the products are customizable where we can pick our colors, add names or dates, and other types of personalization.  Planning a destination wedding?  Maybe one of our Artisan’s can create custom luggage tags for your guest favours, stamped with your names and the wedding date.  Or how about these gorgeous floral letters with your initials?  Really, the options are only limited by your imagination!

What will you find from your local Artisan today?

Artisans: Three Reasons to Buy Handmade

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