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Perfect Wedding Shoes, 5 Tips to Help you Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Have you found your wedding shoes yet? At the rate I’m going, I will have narrowed it down to 15 by never! Should I buy the sparkle pumps, the deep red wedge or the custom made converse? I just can’t choose!

So today, we’re sharing the 5 top tips for choosing the perfect wedding shoe!

Choosing a perfect wedding shoe is hard, it is, after all, going to decide it comfort wins over design.

1. Always Buy Early

Start the Pinterest Board as soon as you can to give you some ideas, then go try some on to make a choice

Get them before you get your dress hemmed as it can save time later figuring it all out. Also it will let you know if it works well with your dress in general.

2. Venue Considerations

Please make sure the shoes fit the venue. You do not want the heels in the sand that is for sure. Find options that will work for the space.

3. Choose One That Complements Your Style

You’ve probably put in a ton of effort to find the perfect dress, which means that you might want to find a wedding shoe that complements your dress and style. You wouldn’t want a total mix match.

4. Ensure That It Makes You Feel Special

.You want to feel like a Princess on your special day, so consider one that makes your personality shine. Make sure it stands out and photos well. Color never hurt anyone!

5. Get Them Worn In

Wear them around the house (preferably on a clean, indoor and carpeted surface in case you need to return if needed) to test the comfort of the shoe.

Plus who wouldn’t want to wear them! I know I would wear them every chance I get.

Have a great wedding day and hopefully it is pain free with these tips!

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