5 Marriage Tips to Help you Start Life Together Better

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5 Marriage Tips to Help you Start Life Together Better

Congrats on getting married! Now the fun part – marriage. It isn’t easy and with just finishing planning a wedding you are probably hoping for a break. We are here to help you as a couple have a good foundation.

5 Marriage Tips to Help You:

#1 Learn that you are both going to be wrong.

This is important. You both will be wrong at many points in the marriage. Just admit it, apologize and move on.

#2 Compromise on wants.

This is a top tip. Compromise is big and also hard to do. If it means making both parties happy or to help you not fight, please do it.

#3 Men please listen to your significant other!

No one likes to be ignored, made to feel that their feelings don’t mean anything, or to feel like you don’t care. Please just listen and take in what they are saying.

#4 Don’t tell them you hate them in a fight unless you truly mean it.

This is a powerful word that you should never say to someone you love and care about. Be mindful of using it.

#5 Date your spouse!

This is one that is lost once married and really it could solve problems before they start. Dating lets you be close to one another, take a break from life and relax.

If you have anymore great tips please leave them in the comments, We would love to hear about them!

5 Marriage Tips to Help you Start Life Together Better
5 Marriage Tips, 5 Marriage Tips to Help you Start Life Together Better

2 Replies to “5 Marriage Tips to Help you Start Life Together Better”

  1. claire says:

    hmm… I’m not sure about number one…. are you sure…? I just don’t think I’ve ever been wrong.

  2. Kristina says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I think all these points are so right. You both need to keep listening to each other. We have date nights on Thursday nights, gives us chance to reconnect and a night off together.


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