3 Tips Each Newly Engaged Couple Should Know

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3 Tips Each Newly Engaged Couple Should Know

By: Amanda Osborne from Moments by Amanda

Each time I have a consultation with a couple, I always ask, “What other wedding vendors do you need for your wedding day?” Then, I give them business cards to any vendor they need. And sometimes, I throw in a few suggestions. Planning a wedding can be stressful and I try to eliminate that stress as much as I can. Having the perfect vendors is a big part of that process. 

If there were three pieces of advice I could give to those planning a wedding they would be:

1. Choose experience over the lowest price.

I hear too many times that brides are not happy with their photos (insert any vendor here) because they chose a photographer just starting out in order to get a good price. Choosing a vendor with experience will ensure your wedding day will go off without a hitch. 

2. Plan ahead… if possible.

Choosing the vendor with experience or on your “must have” list may cost a little more. But if you plan 6 months or even a year in advance, that will give you time to work out payment options. Most vendors are really good with writing a payment plan into the contract. This way, everyone is happy and you get your number one choice without breaking the bank account. 

3. Ask for help. 

Ask for help from your vendors, your family, your friends. There is no need to stress out about the happiest day of your life. Delegating will keep you and the groom happy! 

All of the vendors who worked on this styled elopement shoot with me are vendors who I, on a normal basis, recommend to my clients. Each vendor has several years of experience and shows exceptional customer service. Your wedding will go off without a hitch with each of them in your corner. 


Videographer – Moments by Amanda

Tuxedo, Groom Shoes & Winter CLoak – DC Tuxedos

Wedding & Bridesmaid Dresses – Allyse’s Bridal and Formal

Bouquet – Flower Patch

Hair – Bers Beauty 

Photographer – Alicia Pope

3 Tips Each Newly Engaged Couple Should Know

2 Replies to “3 Tips Each Newly Engaged Couple Should Know”

  1. BridesmaidsConfessio says:

    I agree that money isn’t always the determining factor. There are a few things I wish I would’ve gone with quality over price. One thing being my serving set. Our cake knife broke halfway through cutting our cake! So the knife was stuck in the cake and the handle had broken off and was in my hand. It did make for a very funny and memorable moment though.


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