Wedding Photography Styles Every Couple Should Know

By, Emily Bourne of Natural Bourne Photography

Congratulations! You're getting married! And boy, do you have some planning to do! Wedding planning can be daunting and most likely you'll spend months planning your big day. One of the most important parts to consider is how your day will be portrayed - not only for yourself, but for your children and grandchildren.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when hiring a photographer- but one of the most important is finding a photographer whose style matches yours.  Each photographer has a distinctive way of shooting and editing that makes them unique- especially the more experienced photographers- but there are 5 general styles that are a good place to start when choosing how you want your wedding day documented.


This style is gorgeous, traditional and slightly more formal.  Classic posing and lighting with elements of the documentary style lend a feeling of classy authenticity. The editing is natural and timeless.




The artistic photographer will strive to give you gorgeous, gallery worthy shots that will be unique to your wedding.  As a couple, you must be a little adventurous and willing to have fun and try new things.  Editing can be extensive, but original.




The dramatic photographer has the equipment and know-how to shape light in any circumstance- whether its in bright, noon day sun or dark reception lighting.  If your wedding will be moody and romantic and you like dramatically posed shots, this is your style!




This style (the little sister of documentary photography) is relatively new and very popular.  Lifestyle photographers strive to capture the art in the simple moments and true expression.  The photographer will often look for those candid moments, but will also step in and direct or stage when needed.  Editing styles vary from classic to trendy.




Probably the most difficult style to master, but also one of the most beautiful, documentary photography captures absolute truth in the moment- no posed or styled shots at all.  In a truly documentary style wedding, even the group shots are authentic as people interact with each other instead of posed and smiling for the camera.  Editing is minimal.



Less experienced photographers may not have a clear style yet and some photographers are a combination of two styles.  Sometimes it's difficult to tell from a photographer's website what style they use most.  In those cases, it's a good idea to ask the photographer to see an entire wedding day.  You can see how they handle each part of the day and you'll get a good idea of exactly what you'll be getting.
Now take a deep breath.  You got this.  Happy Planning!

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