Wedding Dresses: Which Style is Best for Me?

By, Jessica Walker of My Modest Gown At My Modest Gown, we've found that brides usually choose the wedding dress that best accentuates their body type. It fits. It looks amazing. And, most importantly, it makes YOU look amazing. In addition to defining the different shapes, we'll give you some pointers of which style may be right for you:




A poofy skirt flows out from the waistline. If you don't have many curves, then no worries. This dress will hide that! However, make sure you're tall enough to pull it off!




Opposite of ballgown, this dress is all about the curves. It hugs your body and doesn't release until the knee. If you have an hour-glass shape, show it off!




This dress doesn't accentuate nor hide curves. It follows your natural body line. It is great for petite or slender brides.


fit n flare

Also known as drop-waist, this is a slimming dress that hugs the body until the hip, where it flares out. If you have a small waist, this is for you!



Imagine a triangle with a neckline. That's the shape of this dress. It looks amazing on anyone!

However, these are just guidelines. What really matters it what you feel beautiful and confident in!

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