The iPod Wedding: Is It Worth It?

By Jordan Nelson, Owner of DJ Fayze Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City No doubt if you’re reading this you’re either: 1) engaged and debating between an iPod wedding and a DJ 2) recently a victim of the iPod wedding 3) just plain curious. Regardless, the epidemic of the iPod wedding is something that has begun to be increasingly widespread, and this information will hopefully be of value to many people. Before I begin, yes, I understand that times are tough and money is tight. A wedding is expensive enough, with flowers, dresses, and photographers to buy (they’re totally worth every penny, by the way). So what about entertainment? “We just need some music in the background, we’ll just make a spotify playlist!” Or the other one I seem to hear constantly, “We know a guy who has some speakers, we’ll just borrow those!” Before embarking on any of these do-it-yourself options, here are a few thoughts from an event professional who has seen his fair share of iPod wedding disasters:

1) Everyone will think they’re the DJ

No, that’s not an understatement. There is this insatiable urge to pickup an abandoned iPod, take a look through the songs, and pick your favorite. You know that one uncle you have that doesn’t socialize very well? Well little did you know, his favorite undiscovered talent is being a “DJ” and he just can’t wait to show all of your guests his skills. How about all of your still very immature friends you invited from high school? There is a great chance that they will think it’s the funniest wedding joke of the century to throw on “Baby Got Back” at a conveniently quiet moment of your reception.

2) One of technology’s favorite activities is failing right when you need it

I remember clearly the first time I tried to take the ACT. I had just sat down, freshly sharpened pencil in hand. I pulled the cover off of my relatively new calculator, pressed a button, and…. Nothing. No battery. I’m sure you’ve all gone through something similar. On a test you can retake, it isn’t the end of the world. But people don’t retake weddings (well, most people). What happens when your borrowed speakers or walmart boombox decides to quit it’s job during your receiving line? Or your iPhone decides to receive 10 snapchat notifications during your first dance? These are moments you never get to repeat, and taking a risk of failure is just too big for most.

3) An iPod is just that, an iPod

It does one thing at weddings, and that is play music (well maybe some of your aunts snap selfies with the cake). But that’s it! An iPod isn’t going to stand up and introduce you to the crowd. It isn’t going to be constantly monitoring the dancefloor and making sure the songs it’s playing are working with your guests. It certainly doesn’t have backups of itself to use in case of emergency. It doesn’t set up equipment, program uplighting to your wedding colors, help you with timelines or music selection, and it certainly doesn’t give a dang if it makes your special day a disaster.

But there is hope!

It’s called a professional DJ, and they want your special day to be as special as you. I’m going to speak about my own company for a moment, but any professional company would, and should, provide you with the same service. A DJ begins his journey with a new couple by taking the time to sit with them and see the vision they have for their event. They are there to provide you with exactly what YOU want, and they can do that through consultations, timelines, and phone calls. That way, when they show up for your event, there is no last minute scrambling. They come prepared, with a backup for every piece of gear they own so that the flow of music and announcements is never interrupted. They are in control of their music at all times, and they have the experience to keep the energy in the room right where it needs to be. They have thousands of songs spanning every genre, beyond what a normal iPod has, in order to meet you and your guests’ music requests. They come prepared with the right equipment; speakers that are clear and loud enough, wireless microphones, and more. These are just a few of the way a professional DJ can help you avoid the danger that is the iPod wedding. When you’re planning the biggest day of your lives, you deserve the best.


Jordan Nelson is the owner of DJ Fayze Mobile DJ, which serves the Salt Lake Valley and Utah County. Jordan has experience with hundreds of events including weddings, school dances, church dances, sweet 16s, birthdays, and more. For more information visit

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