Brides, Don't Forget About This Important Floral Detail!

By, Emily Johanson from Wedding Flowers by Emily

I always have consultations with my brides to discuss exactly how they want their bouquet and other wedding flowers to look on their wedding day. Most brides have a pretty good idea about what they want and what color scheme they are going for. I truly want to give brides their dream bouquet while still staying in their budget. I really do my absolute best to design the bouquet that the bride describes to me. If the bride doesn't want greenery or fillers, I won't sneak some in there just to cut cost.  By the time we get through discussing what flowers and style they are wanting, I ask them my final question about their bouquet: How would you like your bouquet wrapped?

Most of the time, the response is "I have never thought about that..."

The wrapping of the bouquet can change the style of the whole bouquet drastically. If you put burlap on a bouquet of pink roses, it becomes rustic or shabby chic (depending on the other flowers in the bouquet). If you put a satin ribbon on that same bouquet, it suddenly becomes very formal.

This is a very, very important detail that the majority of my brides don't think about.

Finished Collage
Finished Collage

Here are some examples of bouquet wrappings that I have done but the possibilities are endless!

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