5 Hints for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth

5 Hints for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth

Booths are the latest addition to weddings and events of all types, large and small. They are a wonderfully unique upgrade to a guest register, allowing you to put faces with names and capture the candid moments you may never have seen otherwise.

Brides, Don't Forget About This Important Floral Detail!

Brides, Don't Forget About This Important Floral Detail!

I always have consultations with my brides to discuss exactly how they want their bouquet and other wedding flowers to look on their wedding day. Most brides have a pretty good idea about what they want and what color scheme they are going for

Wedding Photography Styles Every Couple Should Know

By, Emily Bourne of Natural Bourne Photography

Congratulations! You're getting married! And boy, do you have some planning to do! Wedding planning can be daunting and most likely you'll spend months planning your big day. One of the most important parts to consider is how your day will be portrayed - not only for yourself, but for your children and grandchildren.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when hiring a photographer- but one of the most important is finding a photographer whose style matches yours.  Each photographer has a distinctive way of shooting and editing that makes them unique- especially the more experienced photographers- but there are 5 general styles that are a good place to start when choosing how you want your wedding day documented.


This style is gorgeous, traditional and slightly more formal.  Classic posing and lighting with elements of the documentary style lend a feeling of classy authenticity. The editing is natural and timeless.




The artistic photographer will strive to give you gorgeous, gallery worthy shots that will be unique to your wedding.  As a couple, you must be a little adventurous and willing to have fun and try new things.  Editing can be extensive, but original.




The dramatic photographer has the equipment and know-how to shape light in any circumstance- whether its in bright, noon day sun or dark reception lighting.  If your wedding will be moody and romantic and you like dramatically posed shots, this is your style!




This style (the little sister of documentary photography) is relatively new and very popular.  Lifestyle photographers strive to capture the art in the simple moments and true expression.  The photographer will often look for those candid moments, but will also step in and direct or stage when needed.  Editing styles vary from classic to trendy.




Probably the most difficult style to master, but also one of the most beautiful, documentary photography captures absolute truth in the moment- no posed or styled shots at all.  In a truly documentary style wedding, even the group shots are authentic as people interact with each other instead of posed and smiling for the camera.  Editing is minimal.



Less experienced photographers may not have a clear style yet and some photographers are a combination of two styles.  Sometimes it's difficult to tell from a photographer's website what style they use most.  In those cases, it's a good idea to ask the photographer to see an entire wedding day.  You can see how they handle each part of the day and you'll get a good idea of exactly what you'll be getting.
Now take a deep breath.  You got this.  Happy Planning!

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Wedding Dresses: Which Style is Best for Me?

By, Jessica Walker of My Modest Gown At My Modest Gown, we've found that brides usually choose the wedding dress that best accentuates their body type. It fits. It looks amazing. And, most importantly, it makes YOU look amazing. In addition to defining the different shapes, we'll give you some pointers of which style may be right for you:




A poofy skirt flows out from the waistline. If you don't have many curves, then no worries. This dress will hide that! However, make sure you're tall enough to pull it off!




Opposite of ballgown, this dress is all about the curves. It hugs your body and doesn't release until the knee. If you have an hour-glass shape, show it off!




This dress doesn't accentuate nor hide curves. It follows your natural body line. It is great for petite or slender brides.


fit n flare

Also known as drop-waist, this is a slimming dress that hugs the body until the hip, where it flares out. If you have a small waist, this is for you!



Imagine a triangle with a neckline. That's the shape of this dress. It looks amazing on anyone!

However, these are just guidelines. What really matters it what you feel beautiful and confident in!

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The iPod Wedding: Is It Worth It?

By Jordan Nelson, Owner of DJ Fayze Mobile DJ in Salt Lake City No doubt if you’re reading this you’re either: 1) engaged and debating between an iPod wedding and a DJ 2) recently a victim of the iPod wedding 3) just plain curious. Regardless, the epidemic of the iPod wedding is something that has begun to be increasingly widespread, and this information will hopefully be of value to many people. Before I begin, yes, I understand that times are tough and money is tight. A wedding is expensive enough, with flowers, dresses, and photographers to buy (they’re totally worth every penny, by the way). So what about entertainment? “We just need some music in the background, we’ll just make a spotify playlist!” Or the other one I seem to hear constantly, “We know a guy who has some speakers, we’ll just borrow those!” Before embarking on any of these do-it-yourself options, here are a few thoughts from an event professional who has seen his fair share of iPod wedding disasters:

1) Everyone will think they’re the DJ

No, that’s not an understatement. There is this insatiable urge to pickup an abandoned iPod, take a look through the songs, and pick your favorite. You know that one uncle you have that doesn’t socialize very well? Well little did you know, his favorite undiscovered talent is being a “DJ” and he just can’t wait to show all of your guests his skills. How about all of your still very immature friends you invited from high school? There is a great chance that they will think it’s the funniest wedding joke of the century to throw on “Baby Got Back” at a conveniently quiet moment of your reception.

2) One of technology’s favorite activities is failing right when you need it

I remember clearly the first time I tried to take the ACT. I had just sat down, freshly sharpened pencil in hand. I pulled the cover off of my relatively new calculator, pressed a button, and…. Nothing. No battery. I’m sure you’ve all gone through something similar. On a test you can retake, it isn’t the end of the world. But people don’t retake weddings (well, most people). What happens when your borrowed speakers or walmart boombox decides to quit it’s job during your receiving line? Or your iPhone decides to receive 10 snapchat notifications during your first dance? These are moments you never get to repeat, and taking a risk of failure is just too big for most.

3) An iPod is just that, an iPod

It does one thing at weddings, and that is play music (well maybe some of your aunts snap selfies with the cake). But that’s it! An iPod isn’t going to stand up and introduce you to the crowd. It isn’t going to be constantly monitoring the dancefloor and making sure the songs it’s playing are working with your guests. It certainly doesn’t have backups of itself to use in case of emergency. It doesn’t set up equipment, program uplighting to your wedding colors, help you with timelines or music selection, and it certainly doesn’t give a dang if it makes your special day a disaster.

But there is hope!

It’s called a professional DJ, and they want your special day to be as special as you. I’m going to speak about my own company for a moment, but any professional company would, and should, provide you with the same service. A DJ begins his journey with a new couple by taking the time to sit with them and see the vision they have for their event. They are there to provide you with exactly what YOU want, and they can do that through consultations, timelines, and phone calls. That way, when they show up for your event, there is no last minute scrambling. They come prepared, with a backup for every piece of gear they own so that the flow of music and announcements is never interrupted. They are in control of their music at all times, and they have the experience to keep the energy in the room right where it needs to be. They have thousands of songs spanning every genre, beyond what a normal iPod has, in order to meet you and your guests’ music requests. They come prepared with the right equipment; speakers that are clear and loud enough, wireless microphones, and more. These are just a few of the way a professional DJ can help you avoid the danger that is the iPod wedding. When you’re planning the biggest day of your lives, you deserve the best.


Jordan Nelson is the owner of DJ Fayze Mobile DJ, which serves the Salt Lake Valley and Utah County. Jordan has experience with hundreds of events including weddings, school dances, church dances, sweet 16s, birthdays, and more. For more information visit

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DJ Fayze Mobile DJ Promo Video | Small Setup


  Logo_3Hi all!!! I am Danielle Coles owner of Mirror Perfection: Weddings and Events by Danielle. In the last few weeks I have had some great learning experiences connected to the creative process – which I would love to share!

I was hired to coordinate ‘day of decorating’ for a wedding. As prearranged, the mother of the bride found/collected the decor and made sure it was at the reception hall. I arrived, as well as all the friends of the family ready to help with their different personalities and areas of expertise. None of us really knew who each other were and based on our relationship with the bride, we all wanted to be in charge. Sound familiar to anyone?  We had our backs up and it took a while to find our creative groove; some even decided to leave. Again, does this sound familiar to the DIY bride and Event planners? Stressful? HECK YES!!!

In the end it was beautiful, but more importantly, it allowed me to realize I never want this to happen again, for me or for others. There had to be a way to educate and lessen the stress for the DIY bride and Event planners!!!!

Finding those we work best with can be a challenge or even seem impossible when we don’t understand our unique differences in creativity and how we can best utilize them…

So I called on my brilliant mother in law, Diane Llewelyn-Jones. Although not a wedding planner, I asked her to apply her knowledge she has gleaned from her work in the professional world of theatre – creating and producing major theatrical events – to the DIY bride. The principles of creativity are the same, no matter the project. I know you will find them as insightful as I have!!



By Diane Llewelyn-Jones

Everyone is creative. Everyone. Each project demands people with three distinct creative strengths: The Visionaries, the Implementers, and the Finishers.  We all excel in one of these strengths and are all needed.

The DIY wedding planner needs to determine which strength they have, surround themselves with those who can share their strength, and those who can bring the other two strengths to the big day.


The Visionary

These people are what we call “the creative ones”. The visionary is the one who has the idea – they imagine the end result and know exactly how to enthuse those around them. They know how to gather the fire needed to heat up the idea and the resources to get it going. Others rally behind them with every expectation that whatever they have dreamed up will be spectacular!!

We often place the weight of a project on a Visionary’s shoulders. In the imagination of the glorious finish and result of such a project they cannot see the details of how it is to be done and the time and resources to finish it. Too often after the birthing of a project their enthusiasm wains. Their creative juices fizzle out as committee members ask them how things are to be accomplished. About ¾ of the way through they begin to skip meetings, not return phone calls and regret that they ever “said yes” to this. Others begin to criticize them – suggesting they aren’t as “brilliant” as everyone thought they were. Tempers flair and often the creator has a melt down. Others rush in to save the day – (the implementer and the Finisher, which is exactly what was needed) – and many vow to never work with this “creative” person again.


The Implementer

These people are what we call “the doers”. They are the ones who say – “I’ll help but don’t put me in charge” – or “I can’t think of anything so don’t ask me”. We often dismiss these people as uncreative (and they think of themselves that way too) and give them a small pat on the back as we shower the other two creative strengths with flowers and chocolates. But their creativity is absolutely vital to any project. Their creativity lies in how to bring to fruition the ideas the creator has proclaimed. They actually design, alter, find, beg, borrow, steal, barter, restore, negotiate and simply put in the hours it takes to give life to the ideas. They know how to organize a work force, encourage and cheerlead others, and keep things on an even keel to allow full enjoyment of the experience. Too often the Visionary will micromanage rather than guide the Implementer’s work, and will often hamper and diminish the amazing mind of an implementer. When given the knowledge that they have the respect and freedom to implement – others may want to stand back as they will be blown away by the Implementer’s creative mind.


When an Implementer is asked to oversee a project, they often take forever coming up with the actual idea. They see an idea from the implementation angle and destruct it before it is born. Coming up with even one idea seems painful to them and deadlines loom. But once an idea is in place, they “go to town” and are “in the zone”. Too often, as the project begins to be realized, and the work they are doing begins to bear fruit, others (Finishers) step in with opinions on how things could be improved and finished. This overwhelms the implementer and they begin to feel unvalued and unappreciated. All their work is being “taken over” by “control freaks”. They often promise themselves to never accept an assignment again. They’ll “help out” but will not subject themselves to “so much criticism”.


The Finisher

These people are who we call “the detailers”. They know instinctively the right touch that puts the icing and cherries on a project. They have just the right “thing” sitting in their garage – or their friends garage – and they know exactly what needs to be done and how it needs to be done and if people would just listen and do what they ask all will be well. As harsh as that reality seems, it is truth! Once their minds see the idea, see the work that has been done, the finisher’s energy kicks in. Given the proper respect for their creativity, they will stay up all kinds of hours, multitask to the brink and see the project through to its completion, all the while creating thank you notes and gifts for everyone involved. They return everything they borrowed and know that clean up is a creative process in and of itself and schedule appropriate time for such tasks. Their “fuss and bother” is what turns good events into unforgettable experiences.

Too often Finishers are treated as nuisances. They are the ones, when gathered around the creative birthing table, that cannot see how something is to be done and so bring up finishing obstacles which dampen the Visionary’s juices and discourage the Implementer’s calculations. They are often not even invited to the “birthing room” as they are such “downers”. The Finisher notices – often after a project has been completed – the details that would have made it really great. Their mind is aflame with thoughts of “if they had only done this, moved this, done it this way, etc.” and they mention it to those around them, who will often say, “Can’t you just enjoy this (experience)? Why do you always criticize?” They are always astounded by these reactions because criticism is the furthest thing from their mind - thinking of all these things IS enjoyment and having fun! Their creative juices are going and they seek out the person in charge to let them know all of their really great ideas. These are often met with distain for the Finishers tactics and gall including thoughts like, “where was she/he when all the work was being done?” Others may appreciate their finishing skills but bring them in too early. The Finisher cannot see enough of the project for their creative juices to kick in, and are often overwhelmed, thinking, “These people have no idea what they are doing”, or, “They need too much help – I don’t know where to begin”, and giving voice to those thoughts can be disastrous. Allowing the Finisher to finish will bring tremendous results!


Recognizing and cultivating our own personal creative strength can give harmony and excitement to any project. Skills from the other strengths can be learned, but never inherently enjoyed. Full support of each others strengths and inquiries of needs can and will foster a fully charged creative experience for everyone involved. Being aware of and respecting the transition from one stage of an event to another is a skill that needs to be learned and allowances for learning it need to be granted.

Within each stage of an event requires the use of all three. For instance, “let’s have a wedding!” requires a venue. Determining that venue takes the Visionary to bring into sight how it will all play out, the Implementer to book it and make the necessary arrangements and payment throughout the process, and the finisher to know the do’s and don’ts, the amenities, the specific final enhancements and thank you note. Therefore, as with all aspects of your DYI wedding, putting a person in charge of “the venue” is not the best use of the creative triangle.

Gather your team, determine where your strengths lie, and enjoy the best day of your life!!

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Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Videographer For Your Big Day

By, Esther Aboussou of Essiedolly Productions  

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten engaged, now you’re busy planning your perfect day with your love by your side. You’re pinning away, gathering advice and swooning over flower arrangements and venues. But then a big word brings you back down to reality. BUDGET. There are many things to fit into your budget, and along the way many brides have to cut back on some things they want. One thing that you should never sacrifice on your big day in addition to a great wedding photographer is a fantastic videographer. Here are a few reasons why you won’t regret it.

  1. “I know someone that has a nice camera”

No more relying on Cousin Jill or Uncle Bobby to capture everything on their camcorder.

It’s true, that these days many camcorders and DSLR’s are much more affordable and provide HD recording capabilities. But putting together a wedding video is much more than just using an auto setting and pressing the record button. A skilled videographer knows how to use their equipment in the best way to get flattering and beautiful shots.Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.33.53 PM


  1. Professional Editing

No matter how much you loved your special day, the best way to re-live it is not 3 hours of unedited shaky footage. It’s not necessary to see backs of heads, random shots of the sky and people walking around. When you hire a professional, as opposed to having that “person you know with a nice camera” take your video you’ll get the best parts of your wedding day. Whether you’re asking for a highlight reel or a full video the professional that you hire will know how to “trim the fat” and provide you with a smooth and coherent video of your big day. Videography is more than just recording, it’s also about telling a story through the editing to create something special.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.39.10 PM


  1. Reliving your vows

The day goes by in such a blur and try as you might, you will miss something. Being able to hear your vows to each other again, or listen to your father’s speech is something that you will cherish. One of the best things is having the chance to not just watch your video over and over again as you please, but also being able to share your wedding video with friends and family that were unable to make it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.41.12 PM


  1. Special moments with family members

Unfortunately, no one lives forever. Someday the grandparents and great aunts and uncles that you love dearly will pass on. Being able to slip the DVD in and re-watch special moments with those special people will mean a lot once they’re gone.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.39.30 PM


  1. Fly on the wall

Your wedding day is a day that you want the people who love you most surrounding you. Because of the way technology is advancing, the gear that videographers use is no longer big and bulky. A good videographer is able to capture sweet moments and interactions with friends and family without intruding to much on the festivities. When you watch your footage later you’ll be surprised and pleased at some of the things you missed that your videographer was able to catch. Hiring a videographer in addition to a photographer is something that you will never regret. A picture says a thousand words and moving pictures say so much more.


On that last note, make sure you know exactly what your package includes when you hire a videographer for your wedding day. Do you want audio recorded? Would you like a full-length video, or a highlight reel with music overlay? How much coverage will you need? Ask your videographer these questions and more so you can make sure that they’re a right fit for you. Make sure that when you meet with them they understand your style and personalities; you don’t want a generic video that doesn’t reflect who you are.

If at the end of the day, you still aren’t able to fit a videographer into your budget for the wedding day, consider getting a Love story, Proposal or Bridals video taken. These are generally more affordable and it’s a nice time capsule to commemorate your love. One of the perks of having one of these types of videos is that you can always play it at your reception, and it’s a very sweet thing for you and your guests to watch together.


-Esther Aboussou


Angela & Eric // First Look + Bridals

Ashley & Ricky// Love Story

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Wedding Flower Pricing Education for Brides

By, Jessica Packer of White Lily Lane

Have you sent a million emails & messages for inquiries about your wedding flowers? Are you still scratching your head trying to figure out the cost of flowers?

Here is a little insight as to how we floral designers have to make money.

Let's start with silk flowers.

Silk Flowers

True or False? Silk flowers are cheaper than fresh flowers. FALSE!

Wanna know a secret? See this bouquet?IMG_7355
 $75 from Hobby Lobby (coupon used!) without labor or other material costs
added on! (What about those long flowing ribbon looks that are oh sooo popular?!)
If you wanted higher quality silks, you'd have to shop online. Adding shipping costs. Bumping up the price even more. (Not to mention that higher
quality silks will cost more than your Wal Mart or Hobby Lobby varieties.)
Some have the opinion that 'ugh, silk flowers are so tacky.'
Well, that's probably because all the examples that person has seen of silk
flowers are cheap & tacky! There are quality, life-like options available to
brides - but they are not inexpensive.

So, why would a bride choose silk flowers?

1-Sentimentality. This bouquet will last years & years after a fresh bouquet will crumble.
2- MANY brides are looking for a way to re-use & double up. (EX : using their silk bridal photo bouquet as the sign in table decor which is later given away as the toss bouquet - I had a bride do that this last year!)
Moving right along.....

Fresh Flowers

Lets say you send an inquiry to a floral designer for a flower crown for your bridal photo session coming up next week.    You get the quote back and gasp : "WHAT?! HOW can it cost that much?"
I'll explain! Lets break down a popular look.
But first, some background knowledge : Fresh flowers are harvested from a grower (sometimes international growers!) & sent to a wholesaler in bunches. We, as designers, buy those bunches from the wholesaler.
This particular look has 6 different varieties of flowers & greens in it. Bringing the WHOLESALE cost close to $70.25. That's just wholesale!
No where in that  wholesale cost is there anything about our ideas
and design work, the time it takes to put together estimates, our time spent in actually prepping & processing flowers and then the time to MAKE flower crowns or bouquets. This also doesn't include our travel time or our extra materials we need to complete the look! (It takes a LOT of wire & floral tape to keep those blossoms snug & secure & looking great all day!)
So, even if you need a flower crown - we still have to buy 6 bunches of flowers at the wholesale cost - JUST to get the look you want.


Another thing to think about - TIMING! Flowers grow in different climates & in different seasons. And yes, you may be able to get a certain kind of
flower from a grower that's closer to you. But will it look as fabulous? If it's meant to grow in a tropical climate, wouldn't it flourish more in its own habitat?
Which means, (going back to our hypothetical situation), if you want a certain flower, it may take some time to SHIP from the grower to the warehouse!
Just a side note - If your heart is set on having a certain kind of flower,
1 - do some digging on the season of that kind of flower.
and THEN ......  2- check to see if it exists as a silk! Many times we can use a combination of silk and fresh to create a look you want!
This bouquet has BOTH fresh & silk flowers incorporated.
There are so many options!
FullSizeRender (1)
So, as you are going about your blissful wedding planning - think of these tips as you make decisions on the design & feel of your event.
If you have questions, ask professionals - not your cousin's best friend's sister's aunt. Do your homework! (It never hurts to ask questions EVEN if you are a DIY bride!) Have a little knowledge under your sparkled bridal sash!

Jessica Packer is the owner of White Lily Lane
which is a Utah county based floral design studio.
You can see her work at or also featured at
Utah Bride Blog & other bridal blogs internationally.

All photos belong to and are copyrighted by Jessica Packer/White Lily Lane

Hiring An Officiant

By, Jennifer Lowe of Joined Together by Jennifer Being a wedding officiant is something I just stumbled into and now I can’t ever imagine myself doing anything else! What I enjoy about the work I do, is that there are never any two weddings alike. Seeing the couples come before me and allow me to be that person who walks them through their first steps into their future is amazing.

I became ordained back on November 9th 2009. I wanted to show my mother that I was happy about her relationship and future by marrying her and her fiancé. This lead to family and friends, that needed someone to make their day special, asking if I was available. I never thought that being an officiant was something I could do as a profession, I mean who would want me to stand up there and tell them what to do! Haha!

officiantI can tell you the exact date that it was decided “I’m going to make a go of this” Aug 8th 2015. I had been asked by a friend of mine from high school to preside over her “Steampunk” themed wedding on Aug 7th 2015. I had gone shopping for just the right thing to wear (A beautiful black and white corset with tails and flowing white ethereal gown that cost more than I was paid).

I learned all about the “Hand-fasting” Ceremony aspect of their ceremony and the meaning behind the Claddagh rings they exchanged. The evening was spectacular! They had far and away exceeded any wedding I had ever been to, including my own. I was hooked! I woke the morning of the 8th, realized I had no other ceremonies on the horizon and a career was born!

I have been so blessed since then! I go to “work” and I can’t stop smiling, from the moment I have a request for my service thru the time I say “I now pronounce you man and wife”.

There are a few things I have found that I would like to share with couples to help them in searching for and hiring an officiant.

1. Make sure you and your fiancé are on the same page as to the type of ceremony you want to have. If you both understand the vision and mood of what you want it is easier to visualize the officiant before you. She/He is the one person right in the middle, of you both, in pictures.

2. Set up a meeting with all officiants you are looking at possibly hiring. Use this time to ask all the questions you have and make sure that this person understands what you want and is willing to provide that for you both. Some officiants may not be willing, (or legally able to provide*), the type of ceremony you are interested in. And REMEMBER THIS: The feeling you get from this person, upon meeting them, is the same feeling you should have at the ceremony. Make sure it is a positive and happy one. For me, this isn't just a "job" I do. I truly love being involved in making a couple’s day special I want my couples to say that I was someone they felt "just fit" in with day and made it memorable. This is the way all officiants should feel when working couples. Hold out till you find it with the right officiant.

3. Legalities: Make sure that the person marrying you is legally able to in your state.

4. Read Reviews and check out all information you can find on your potential officiant! You want to make sure that this person left all couples extremely happy! Your potential officiant should be someone that others speak highly about and has provided them with wonderful memories.

5. Check out their work. I would allow any of my couples to come to a ceremony I am presiding over and your potential officiant should be willing to do the same. Also, ask for videos or ceremony outlines that they have written for other couples. You should make sure that this is someone whose personality and style suits your needs.

6. Ask your venue contact, Event Planners, Photographers, Floral designers and any other vendor for referrals. All of these people have been to many, many weddings and know quite a few contacts. They have also seen good and bad ceremonies and can help you find the good, and avoid the bad.

I will close this now with a note to the couples that I have worked with. Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to be there with you through such special moments. The couple marrying in a “Super Top Secret Ceremony” on a snowy lake before the husband joins the military. The couple that shared their special first kiss spot with me. The couple who were joined together on New Year’s Eve while on horseback. These are just to name a few of the ceremonies I have shared and I hope to continue to grow my list of special times, places and people willing to share the beginning of their live together with me.

State of Utah- Marriage Information - Application Process Marriage information for State City and county links for Clerks offices

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Planning A Bridal Shower

  By, Alicia Hensley

Having an event takes some planning. Here are my tips on planning a bridal shower.


How many guests

Whenever I start planning a party, I always figure out how many people are going to be there first. This way I can find a location and order enough refreshments that will accommodate the amount of party goers. Even if you have people RSVP, I would still make accommodations for all people invited. Now, that doesn't mean rent a stadium because you think 10,000 people are going to show up, but you'll want something that if 30 people were invited, you will all have enough room. Even though some people won't show, some people bring an extra person or two, so it's better if you have more than less. (Plus, if there's extra food, you can always send it home with people or bring it home yourself).


Budget is important. My budgets are generally pretty small, so I do a lot of DIY and ask for help from family, friends, and bridesmaids. Figure out how much you are willing to spend on the bridal shower, and ask the other bridesmaids if they're willing to help with the expense. Once you have a budget in mind, and your bride has given you a list of invitees, you can start planning.


Ask family and friends! If your living room or back yard isn't going to work, ask your family and friends if they know of anything. Sometimes they'll let you use their space, or they may even have a community clubhouse that they'd be willing to help rent. If all else fails, Utah has some beautiful parks, so you can always reserve a park pavilion at a low cost.

Choose a Theme

There are lots of different themes you could work for a bridal shower. Ask the bride what she would want the theme to be (you probably don't want to do a lingerie theme, if that will make the bride and her guests uncomfortable). You can do themes like; cooking (have your guests bring a cooking utensil for a gift), recipes (guests can bring a copy of their favorite recipe),  or room in the house (where somebody is assigned a room and they bring a give the bride can use in that room). But, a theme doesn't have to be obvious, a great way to use a theme is by using the same 3 colors (the wedding colors maybe?). If you decide to go with a main theme, use it subtly in the decor. You don't have to go overboard. Remember the star of the show is the bride, not the theme.


I usually have a hard time finding invitations that  work. So, I usually just make my own or find cute blank ones at the store and print off an insert with the information. I use Photoshop and print them out on card stock. If your budget will allow, you can find somebody to make them for you here.

bridalshowermadlib copyGames

Games are expected at bridal showers. I wouldn't do more than about 2 or 3. Sometimes they're cheesy, and sometimes they're not. I do games that people can do by themselves, and with the group. I liked the Bridal Shower Madlibs, because people are able to do them throughout the party and they are given to the bride to read later. I have also done a game where I asked the groom 10 questions beforehand and then ask the bride at the shower. If she misses a question, then she has to eat a piece of bubble gum. If she gets them all right, then she knows her groom, and receives a well deserved round of applause.


Remember when I said make accommodations for everybody? Well, refreshments are included. Be sure to order just a tad more than you think, it's easier to send food home with people than to run to the store for more! Serve refreshments depending on the time of the day. If you're planning the party during lunch time or dinner time, you could do it potluck style (which really helps with keeping it budget friendly). If it's after lunch time, don't worry about potluck, and do a dessert bar instead.


One of my favorite things to do is use what I have. There's no need to go out and buy a bunch of serving dishes and decor for one event. If you don't have anything, ask your mom, your grandma, your aunts, cousins, and friends if they have something you could use for the bridal shower. Make sure you give it back to them clean and in the same condition as you borrowed it though! As far as decor goes, use your surrounding as much as possible and focus on the dessert/refreshment table.


There they are. Whether you are planning a big or small bridal shower, these tips should help!

8 Hair Mistake Many Brides Make

By, Angela Woodward from Angela Woodward Cosmetology I work with a lot of brides. I also work with people who work with a lot of brides. Your wedding is the day you've dreamed of since you were a child! You want it to be perfect, I understand that. However what I wield in my hand is a comb, not a wand. There is only so much I can do in certain situations. Here are a few mistakes a lot of brides make when it comes to their wedding day do, and how to avoid making them.

Kara (2)


1 - Being Unrealistic

I cannot make your short fine hair look like a pinterest photo of a model with longer and fuller locks. Remember the "not a wand" comment? I can do my best to give you something similar, or talk to you about the reality of what we have to work with and suggest another look that may be better. We can also discuss the possibility of hairpieces and extensions, however these are not included in the price.

2 - Not Hiring Someone Licensed 

This is a big deal in the wedding industry. If your friend is offering to do it and you know she is talented, that is one thing. However in the industry makeup artists do not have to be licensed and because of this many of them also say "well I can curl hair too!" and advertise for hair styling as well. Even if they do not offer salon services this is ILLEGAL! Just don't support it. I always think it is best to hire a pro over having your friend do it, but hiring someone who isn't licensed is a big no-no. Ask to see their license to be sure. If they work in a salon you don't need to worry as much because they need to be licensed to work there already.

         3 - Being to Inspired 

Ashley (3)

I am a huge fan of pinterest and google images! They have given us great resources for finding millions of looks at the touch of a button. It is so nice to be able to visually see what a bride wants. However when it comes time to actually meet your stylist for a trial you need to comb through your 30+ pinned photos on your wedding pinterest board and narrow it down to 3 or less. Having too many photos can be confusing for your stylist. For example, if you want a beautiful upswept curled bridal bun. You show me 12 photos that you like (some you like curls, some you like the way it is pulled back, some you like the placement) and I notice that 5 of these the bride has a braid in her hair. Then I put a braid in your hair. However you did not actually like that detail. Now hopefully your stylist will ask before braiding your hair, however it gets muddled.

4 - Not Doing a Trial

A trial isn't there just to make the stylist more money. The point of a trial is that it will give you and your stylist time to meet, connect, really talk about what you want, try a couple of things and make sure that the look you want is truly what you want. It does prove to you also that your stylist knows what they are doing. Sometimes the stylist and the bride have language barriers and it can take time to communicate what the bride is wanting. I have done brides before that had I known what they were asking for I would have spent an hour less with them, but they didn't know how to communicate what they needed in English since that wasn't their primary language. If we had done a trial in that instance then on her wedding day I would have fully known what to do and could have executed it better and faster!

FAV Magdalena Misztela1 Paul Carter

5 - Not Understanding Your Inspiration

Sometimes a bride comes in with a photo of a celebrity and they want their hair exactly like that. This sends chills down every hairdresser’s spine because often the reality of it, is that the client wants to look like Taylor Swift, not have her hair style. Try to find the same style in a few pictures, and if you only like the look of it on a couple of celebrities who look similar, then you may want to ask yourself if it is the style you like, or the celebrity.

6 - Not Being Prepared

When you come to your trial you need to have your veil, clips, pins, tiara or any other hair pieces you may want with you. You need to be on time and understand that you are not that stylist’s only appointment for the day. You also need to have clean dry hair. Coming with it wet or damp right after showering means your stylist has to spend extra time blow drying it, and this may result in an additional charge. You also need to let your stylist know previous to the appointment if you have extensions in your hair.

Raelynn 1N

7 - Not Being Open-Minded

I talked earlier about why a style you've set your heart upon may not work for you and your hair type. However you need to remember also that your stylist has done this hundreds of times. They know what works with your look, face shape and your dress. Trust them. If you are dead set on one look you may end up disappointed or missing out on something truly perfect for you!

8 - Deep Conditioning Their Hair the Night Before

Your hair will probably end up too soft and silky to hold curl and bobby pins. All treatments need to be done no less than one week before hand to ensure that your hair can be styled properly. If you want your hair to look soft and silky, your stylist should have products that add a brilliant and natural shine to the hair.

Follow these guidelines and I am sure your wedding day style will be perfect for you, and working with your stylist will be relaxing and stress-free!



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The Importance Of Hiring a Professional Photographer

By, Ashlee Fackrell from Ashlee Fackrell Photography  photography1

Congratulations, you’re getting married! You’ve dreamed of this for so long, and its finally here. Now what? You’ll need to find the perfect venue, cake, dress all of it, you want the wedding of your dreams and as you start planning you realize your dreams might be a little bit out of your price range, so the question comes, what to cut. You just can’t skimp on your dress, I mean come on the moment your groom see’s you for the first time you have to take his breath away, but what about capturing that look so you can have it forever? You need to make sure that your decorations are perfect to set the mood for your guest, but what about getting images of all those perfect decorations?

Every part of a wedding is important, and the importance of hiring professionals for your big day can make the difference between night and day! Your coworkers brother that just got a big fancy camera should not be responsible for your wedding photography. What happens when you’re walking down the aisle and his camera stops working and he has no back up gear, no second shooter and you are left with no images of your wedding? Or when you get to the reception and the lights go down and it’s a dance party but this person that just got a camera either doesn’t have a flash or doesn’t know how to use it? What about after the wedding is over and this person doesn’t realize the importance of backing up their images and their hard drive crashes and they lose every single image from your day, or since there was no official agreement between you two, you wait for 4 months and you still don’t have your images back yet? Is the amount of money you saved worth all the stress and tears of hating your images, or worse, losing the only visual memories of your wedding day?

The difference between a professional, is not so much the gear that they use, but it’s the knowledge of how to use that gear in many different situations, and their experience they have from all the years they have put into perfecting their craft. You want to trust your wedding images to someone that knows what they are doing and knows what to anticipate. Someone who also knows how to finish your images in post processing. Not every image will come out of the camera perfectly exposed, but a professional has the software and more importantly the knowledge to adjust that image and will pay attention to the details to make sure they are giving you quality images.


Ashlee Fackrell


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Wedding Dress Alterations And Fittings Advice

By, Annie Paul from Alter Creations Getting married is the experience of a lifetime (our founder’s daughter is also planning a wedding!), so we understand how nerve-racking it can get. From the venue, the food, the flowers, the music, the dress (!!)…you want everything to be perfect. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve it!

If you were looking for a partner in your wedding dress journey, feel free to consider Alter Creations in Park City. (Fun fact: right as we were about to write this post, a bride’s mom came by and hired us to create her daughter’s wedding dress from scratch!)

Regardless of whether you decide to work with us for your bridal alterations needs, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help you attain a hurdle-free experience with your tailor. You can find even MORE at

If possible, start with a dress (or outfit) that is your size—or very, very close to it.

While it may be possible to size a dress up or down, don’t count on being able to take in or let out a dress by a lot more. Many dresses do not contain enough seam allowance to let out that much–and with fabrics like velvet and satin, the original seam lines will show.

When choosing a tailor, go with a reputable one, NOT the one that quotes you the lowest rate.

You get what you pay for. Believe us, it isn’t worth having something done cheaply if you subsequently have to pay someone else to fix the cheap-o job. In fact, we’ve OFTEN had to fix other shops’ mishaps at the last minute, so choose the best from the get-go.

Many alteration shops will not give estimates for wedding dresses or other formal gowns over the phone.

We need to see the actual dress and how it currently fits your body to determine EXACTLY what needs to be done and give an accurate estimate. Describing the dress over the phone (or even emailing pictures!) is really not very helpful, especially since some brides tend to lie about how much work needs to be done on the dress in order to get a lower quote.


If you are a klutz and will be wearing a long dress, consider having it hemmed to hang 1″ from the floor rather than touching the ground.

Heavy dress + high heels + possible anxiety = heightened possibility of tripping over one’s hem. We’ll be more than happy to accommodate all your dancing- and movement-related requests!

If you know of any upcoming changes to your physical dimensions, tell us ASAP.

Once the fabric is cut, the dress generally can’t be made drastically bigger without adding panels or gussets. Similarly, if your E cups are about to become C cups, it’s best to wait and have the top fitted after surgery.

Don’t schedule a fitting right after a workout.

Having a wedding dress cleaned isn’t cheap, so you don’t want to have sweat stains removed BEFORE you actually wear it. Also, fitting someone requires being in close physical proximity. So please try to not smell like a locker room and go easy on the cigarettes, perfume, and smelly food.


Buy your foundation garments and shoes (!) BEFORE your first fitting, and bring them to ALL of your fittings.

Your foundation garments WILL affect the way the dress hangs on your figure. Every so often, we’d have a bride go through one or two fittings with a certain bra or corset, then bring a different one and wonder why the dress looked so different. Depending upon the design and cut of the dress, wearing the wrong bra can even affect whether the hem hangs evenly. And if you don’t have the exact shoes, find some of similar height and bring them always!

If we recommend against making a particular change, there’s probably a good reason why.

While it is fine to ask why we’re recommending against something, please keep in mind we are intimately familiar with garment construction, and may know of a better way to make something look the way you want it to look.

Sometimes we may suggest that you’re better off not doing X or paying for Y. We’re passionate about what we do, so we won’t just take anyone’s money: We strive to accomplish 110% satisfaction so we’re 110% honest and don’t mind showing you various alternatives (even in cases when they don’t involve us!) when the original isn’t something we’d suggest.


Your final dress fitting should be held approximately two weeks prior to the wedding, if possible.

Any closer to the big day and there might not be enough time to fix any problems—any further from the big day and there’s a chance the dress might not fit. Many brides lose weight from stress, or get swamped with last-minute things and simply forget to eat. (Most lose several pounds during the 4-6 weeks before the wedding, regardless of whether they were trying to do so.)

Those aren’t ALL the wedding dress fitting tips we have for all you lovely brides out there! If you want even more tips and tricks, click here to check out our post with other tips we’ve compiled from experience, other brides, and even other pros. Call us at (435) 658-4432 or email us at Martha [at] altercreations [dot] net if you’d like to meet us and see why we’re the best to work on your wedding dress and bridal party projects. Have a great rest of your week and we look forward to seeing you!

You can find more info on Alter Creations here and here