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men's engagement rings, Why it is Nice to See Men Wear an Engagement Ring

How often do you see men wear an engagement ring?

I can tell you it isn’t very often. I don’t understand why it is primarily only a woman who wears one, when you are both engaged. I know a lot of same sex couples do wear them, but when a man and a woman are engaged it is different.  Why is that?

It used to be a claim on the female to let people know she is taken ( I mean that in the way it sounds – thank history), then it turned into a status symbol. Now it is really to show off the ring and say “hey, I have someone important in my life!” Or “hey, look how big it is?”

Why wouldn’t you want your significant other or the man in the relationship to wear one too? I know I was happy my husband wore an engagement ring. We got matching engagement rings as we were broke college students at the time. (We upgraded thanks to a family member that had broken their ring and saved the diamond. We only had to pay to set the stone!)

I showed off my fiancé at the time and our matching rings. I was so happy saying that my man was perfect for me and I am perfect for him. He did get a few questions, but he is one who doesn’t care about what others say or think about him. Which I love.

I hope one day that men wearing engagement rings becomes popular. I also want more women to propose (I did!) and I want couples to communicate more, compromise and boost each other up. Marriage is a partnership and will take work.

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men's engagement rings, Why it is Nice to See Men Wear an Engagement Ring