Jeneze Designs

Image provided to ATWU by Jeneze Designs

Utah, US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Worldwide


Owner: Jenny Bingham


$0.80 cents per invitation. Shipping is always free to all U.S. customers.

Jeneze Designs is all about the bride and groom to be. Invitations are personal and tailored to what the customer wants. We make it easy, customers just send us the details and we do the rest. You won't see invitations like ours any where else. We specialize in photo invitations because we love those personal touches but we offer a wide variety of options. Our favorite item only offered at Jeneze Designs is our boutique tri-fold invitations, beautiful and unique. We also offer classic invitation styles, pocket invitations, wedding programs, thank you cards, custom maps and so much more. We also have a 5 star rating from our customers, we have not only affordable prices but a very high quality product that comes with amazing customer service. You won't regret ordering your invitations with Jeneze!



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