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Need a planner to organize your wedding?
Hello Brides and Grooms! We are sharing a great product with you today to help you plan your wedding. This Wedding Planner can cover 1 or 2 years as well as all your important wedding information. (plus it has cute accessories to add) This Planner has many pages and stickers to choose from. You can plan your theme, it has steps on what you need to do at certain months til the wedding. It has space to write your amazing and maybe even funny vows. Heck you can write out your wedding party, guest list, seating chart. You won’t believe all the pages in this planner. Our favorite pages are the Budget Checklist and Contact List! I love being organized. If you need to write something down for your wedding please check out this planner. It has so much information and will make planning your wedding so much less stressful.

Accessories Time!

So we all love cute accessories no matter what it is and let me tell you, they went all out for this planner. Sometimes you can get free ones when you order, but others you will have to buy, but it is so worth it. We are sharing with you the ones we choose to get!

Colorful Date Dots:

They come in Solid Colors and Metallic Colors!


We got the 6 pack, but there is a 3 pack as well as Wet Erase Markers.

Paper Tape:

Ok, so you don’t need paper tape, but it is fun to play with and add to your pages.

Sticky Notes:

These are cute and wedding styled sticky notes. (I just love the diamond one)


These stickers add a little flair to your planning and are just fun to decorate it with!

This planner is great for those who love details, but is also great for just any bride or even those needing help planning. Yes, you can use this with a wedding planner as you can both be on the same page. We all know that is important. Wedding planning is never easy, but if we can help it be just a bit better than we are happy. Enjoy your big day and let us know what planner you use whether a person or paper!
Need a planner to organize your wedding?